Thrifting Adventure Finds

So many Thrifty bloggers out there have such clever names for their ‘Finds’ posts. “Thrift Share”, “Thrifting Roundup”, “Friday Finds”….
I’m still waiting for inspiration.
In the meantime you have to put up with something different every time…or something boring. Like today. “Thrifting Adventure Finds”. Not sure I like it. Trying to tie in with my blog title.
Anywho, let’s get down to it.

I was excited to find the above carafe on a shelf at Goodwill this week. It reminded me of some Pyrex carafes that I’ve read about lately…and I wondered how to identify it. Nothing on the bottom…then inspiration hit! Under the cork stopper, in lovely print: Dansk . Whoo hoo!
A little internet research and I discovered this was designed by Gunnar Cyren for Dansk. Not super rare in the reselling world…but a cool find!

At the same thrift store I found these sweet vintage 1963 alphabet flash cards.  At home I opened it up and found that it was complete and each card is laminated!! They are about 5 x 8 inches. Here’s one of them:

I think I’ll actually try listing them individually in the Retro Shop.

Then came these folksy painted cast iron trivets.
It must have been a bird trivet kind of week, because I picked up this one at an estate sale yesterday:

This one is just marked Made in Japan.
The next few finds were Scandinavian.

Made in Norway painted wooden Egg Cup.

Swedish Dala horse stationery.

Made in Denmark needlework kit for a mini Bell Pull featuring Sverige, or Sweden. Looks like a copy someone put together.

And back to America for the last two.

Faux Bois tray “For Use With Pyrex Ware”

And more Vintage Vera!!

What did y’all find?

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