The Spoils of Thrift – Thrifting Binge

I think we actually hit our thrifting limit this weekend. Much discussion today from DH about how we need to go on a Thrifting Fast now.Not that DH wasn’t right with me on the Thrifting Binge. We were both caught up in the fun.Check this. Friday and Saturday. 50% off our entire Goodwill stores.On Friday … Continue reading “The Spoils of Thrift – Thrifting Binge”

I’ve Seen the Light!

There’s always a story.So I have another one. I know, I know, I just told you the Jere sculpture story. But this blog IS called Adventures in Thrifting. And I have another story.So after finding the Jere on Monday…the fam and I were pretty much home with colds the rest of the week.Finally on Friday … Continue reading “I’ve Seen the Light!”

A Thrifting Adventure With…Curtis Jere

This is just one of those thrifting stories I’m going to love telling over and over again. Curtis Jere pieces have been on my radar for awhile. I knew owl pieces were good. In fact, this little owl that I found a couple years ago that I blogged about here, has at times been attributed … Continue reading “A Thrifting Adventure With…Curtis Jere”

The Spoils of Thrift ~ Hello March!

Well, March started off with some fun finds! I’ll probably race through them since my throat is kinda scratchy (has been for a day or 2) and it feels like my lungs are tightening up. If this is a cold or virus thingy, it’s a slow moving one. I hate those. Let’s just get this … Continue reading “The Spoils of Thrift ~ Hello March!”