No….Thank YOU!

I know y’all are too busy even to read this post right now but I thought I’d get it out there and you can come back to it when things calm down. (This post may contain affiliate links. You can see my full policy here.)

I really should have written something here sooner…believe me, it’s been in the back of my mind since around September.

But first! Let me share the contents of that Thank You card! I got a super sweet card from a customer who bought some pieces of stainless flatware.

She shared that she bought her Brahms flatware 55 years ago! She found herself short some dinner forks, probably due to “the grandchildren throwing them away with the paper plates!”. I hear ya! This is why I sell replacement flatware! She loved the ones she bought from me and it made her day! (BTW, Brahms flatware by Oneida is a great pattern for resale. I’ve mentioned it before here. )

But then she also shared a fun little story about neighbors she had when she first got married who had the same last name as me! (No relation) She told how her new husband hid their car in this neighbor’s garage “to prevent his buddies from doing nasty tricks to disable his car before our honeymoon.” LOL! I can just see it! After readying for their honeymoon, they snuck out the back door and through the neighbor’s gate and “escaped the ‘friends’ who sought to find us!”.

Such a cute story and I appreciate the handwritten note. I will write her back!

So anywho…back to my original thought.

September came around and I realized something. I realized my head was FULL. Too full. I was (am) doing a volunteer work (equivalent to a part time job) which I love, homeschooling my kids and running an online reselling business. Every day I didn’t blog I was feeling guilty.

So I reevaluated. And realized that some things had to go.

I decided to take a blogging break. (I’m sorry…I should have at least let you know.) I slowed down big time on social media. I focused on listing and not promoting. I simplified various subscriptions and tried to cut out needless expenses. I focused on my kids and my volunteer work. I slowly felt my sanity return.

And what happened? Even though I’m super busy…and the time I can devote to my business is less….my sales are pretty good. I use promotions on Ebay (a low paid percentage) and I started sending offers to people when that feature became available. I pin on Pinterest sometimes…mostly my Etsy stuff…right after I list. I throw an occasional post onto Instagram. Otherwise I just gave myself permission to keep it simple.

Listing regularly works and has been the best boost for my business.

So what’s next?

Honestly, I don’t know. Volunteer work and homeschooling for sure of course. Listing of course. Hubby has had some health issues and has been working a bit less so my reselling income has helped more than ever. We may have a move coming up (I know, I’ve said this before but I think we really mean it this time 😉 ) so we’ve been doing a lot of downsizing and cleaning out.

I would like to blog regularly again someday but I’ve been playing around with broadening the scope of my blog. I’m not sure if this means a redesign of The Recycleista or a brand new blog all together. I’d like it to cover more than vintage and reselling. Maybe some homeschooling and life stuff. We’ll see.

So that’s what’s been going on. I do appreciate all of you readers! No point in blogging if no one is reading! lol. If a blog post gets published in the woods…..

Drop a line below and share your thoughts with me!

13 thoughts on “No….Thank YOU!”

  1. I am a follower who reads your posts. Totally understand. Seems 2020 is a particular time for reflection and readjustment. I am a frequent blogger tho and love it, I even do a Countdown to Christmas which I am sure very few read or see.
    I started reselling in July and was going great guns. Thought I would have some luck with clothing for Christmas NOT. Sold 1 piece out of 10. Did find out that Christmas CDs are a great resell but will hold them until next year. I have run out of energy to list, sell, etc. it cuts into my sewing time (which I have very little of anyway).
    You should throw it all into your blog, topics that is, I like the platform to post pretty much anything. Course, it doesn’t help with branding or niche blogging. Who cares?

    1. Reselling is definitely an up and down game! I do like blogging, but with raising a family and supplementing my hubby’s income…I feel the blogging needs to be somewhat profitable. Either in leading to sales or making $$ itself..advertising, etc…I make a bit of money right now with it..pays for itself, I’d say. But I think a broader topic blog would have more potential to making more of a passive income from it. Still thinking.

  2. Love your blog and have been following you a long time !! I follow you on facebook , etsy and poshmark, I like your style .I blog every once in awhile. I was snooping around the other day and posted and saw how many views I had … It was ALOT… so I will keep it up sporadically when I feel inspired !!

  3. Follow you from here in Canada. I enjoyed your A-Z series, am inspired by your Etsy store, and watched your Youtube videos. We have similar vintage interests. But you have to do what works for you, and I can totally understand stepping away, for good if need be. My only suggestion would be to add a tip jar function as it may help you recoup a bit of cash for your knowledge. You probably have enough for an e-book now too? Take good care, all the best for 2020.

    1. Thank you so much for your comments! I have actually thought about the tip jar in the past…if anything..I help people ID patterns quite often. I should look into that. And yes, I’ve thought about Ebooks as well. I think I”m gonna take the plunge on another blog…something wider based. I’ll keep everyone posted!

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