LISTING CHALLENGE ~ Week Two ~ Turn That Stash into Cash!


Well, the first week of November’s listing challenge is over! How did we do?

Did you manage to list at least one older ‘stash’ item for every newer item you listed? Did any of them sell?

Here are my stats:
I am by no means a power lister. I usually work on my online selling for a few hours scattered throughout my week between other obligations. Some days I have more time than others. But then there is also a busy 4 year old bopping around, demanding my attention. 🙂
But I’m pretty satisfied with what I got done.

I listed 24 items total. 15 of them were from my stash. 9 were newer items, probably thrifted within the last couple weeks. Woot! AND…I only thrifted ONCE! And only brought home a handful of flatware pieces. Yay me!

Nothing from the ‘stash’ items sold. But 2 of the ‘newer’ items did. And…all that listing kick-started some other sales on both Ebay and Etsy. And that’s the point, right? Sell some stuff and clear it out! Selling items out of your inventory makes room for the stash items to be in holding until they sell.

One thing I learned is that most of my items in my stash are vintage and will most likely go on Etsy. Here’s a sampling of the items I pulled out and listed:

Listing Challenge Stash Items

I just saw how the flatware is in that collage twice! Silly collage program! And obviously too late at night for me to write blog posts!

As you can see, I ended up focusing on smaller stash items. It was easier to pull out boxes of costume jewelry (yes I said ‘boxes’ !!!) and have a bunch of items available all at once that didn’t really need cleaning or sticker removal or whatever.

But I want to change things up this week and really dig deep. The point of this exercise is to make space too, right!?

So here is the CHALLENGE for WEEK TWO:

  • Keep up with your listing momentum. Try to keep up with the 1 to 1 ration. If you can bump it to listing 2 ‘stash’ items for every 1 newer item..go for it! And if you’ve caught up…YOU ROCK!!
  • Limit your thrifting. (*bites knuckle*). I know, I know. But seriously. I realized that is really the ONLY way to make any kind of headway. As I delve into the stash it makes me slightly overwhelmed (I tried not to think about it) and it really does become a slight deterrent to bringing more home. UNLESS….there’s too good of a deal to pass up. (I’m an enabler) OR….Thrifting is the therapy you need to get you motivated to keep listing. It totally works for me. Hence…a listing challenge. LOL.
    For example, this weekend I’ll be out of town and will no doubt hit some out of town thrift stores. But that’s too good of an opportunity to pass up. (Plus think of the mileage!!)
  • Okay now for the main CHALLENGE of the week:
    Pick one item that you have been procrastinating on for months, years, whatever! Whether it’s the research that’s held you back or figuring out how to ship it…there’s some reason you keep skipping over that item. Get over it!! Just get it listed! Bonus if you can list 2 or more of those items.

Okay so there you go! Please continue to comment below! I loved reading the comments! Let us know how you did last week and what you’re planning for this week.

And of course there will be a Facebook thread for you to share photos and comments. I’ll be posting my CHALLENGE item there when I finally get it pulled out. I definitely have one in mind!


8 thoughts on “LISTING CHALLENGE ~ Week Two ~ Turn That Stash into Cash!”

  1. Thanks Shannon.

    I went to a book sale on Friday. It is an enormous annual book sale that fills a school gym from floor to ceiling. I have gone every year for fifteen years. I went but I spent way less than usual because cell phones do not work in the gymnasium and I do not like shopping totally on instinct anymore unless I see something I recognise and of course, because I have a STASH at home to contend with.

    I like your challenge this week to list an item that you have been procrastinating over. I have just the lady sitting beside me that I have been reluctant to list for over a year. She’s a beautiful three tone ceramic figurine unmarked but I think of European decent. The last time I searched I was unable to identify her or her maker or even the country she came from. This week she will be listed whether or not I can identify her.

    For bonus points, I hope to list two new-in-box Barbie pieces – a cruise ship and a jetliner. I have been avoiding them because of their size and because one of them has box damage so it needs to be opened and the toy inspected but this week I will do that, figure out the shipping details and get them listed, too! I hope.

    1. Those items sound perfect!! I totally know what you mean about being stuck in research. Some stuff just sits…even in plain sight because you don’t know what to do or how to describe it. There are a couple groups on Facebook that may be able to help with ID. Shoot me a message in FB and I’ll tell you which ones I know.

  2. The week ended up more chaotic than I had planned. Listing took a back seat but I did spend almost the whole day today taking pictures. Equal amount of newer items and some stash items too. I have several of those items that I just can’t seem to get listed and sit …and sit. I will pick one this week and get it listed! I’m not even close to where I hoped I would be (listed items) this 4Q. Onward and upward =) Very motivating to see you all getting stuff done =)

    1. I’m having one of those weeks too! Definitely no volume listing this week. Plus I’m out of town from Fri-Sun. I am working on one of my procrastinated items as we speak!

  3. last week I bought 6 carts of Target 90% off Halloween clearance…..which equivolated to 129 lbs that hubby dropped off this morning at UPS for Amazon FBA. But nothing much sadly on the eBay front

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