I’m Glad to See the End of That Month!

Well actually, January wasn’t that bad, it was just that I had a couple projects to work on that I needed to be done with by the end of the month. Putting them on top of everything else was a little tiring. I’m hoping to actually get to bed before 1am tonight!
With a Little Monkey who is still waking at night..it makes for a very sleepy (and sometimes cranky) Mama and ReSeller. 🙂
So let me catch you up.
First of all I had to do my State business taxes. They’re only due once a year, so January 31st is the day. I know myself well enough to know that I work much better under pressure (in other words, I’m a disorganized procrastinator) so I just finished them up and mailed them out today.

The second project was a little bit more fun. Did I tell you all that I no longer have a booth in town? It was just getting to be too much and I wasn’t getting in there often enough. The return also wasn’t big enough to warrant the hassle. I can make much more in one or 2 sales online. So that was that and it was fun while it lasted.
But I have a friend (Victoria, from The French Prairie Home), who sells at shows and she’ll be opening up her own shop soon. If I get any furniture or things like that we’ll be able to work through her. My MIL has been fixing up furniture and sewing up the cutest shoulder bags from recycled materials to sell with her. My MIL’s debut for these bags is at Junk Salvation this weekend in Hillsboro, OR.
Here’s where my project comes in. I got hold of this sizeable box of broken vintage jewelry recently and got the idea to baggie some of them up to sell as supplies in Victoria’s booth at the show. She was enthusiastic and kind enough to agree, so I got to work.

I picked up some vintage-y scrapbook paper at the craft store and made up my own labels. As I bagged up the beads and broken pearls…I decided to go ahead and de-stash some other things I’ve had stashed for way too long.

So we’ll see how it goes. The show starts tomorrow. If any of these lovelies sell (there were lots more!!) I’ll know it’s something I can keep doing.

So that was all very time consuming…but we still found time to thrift! Yikes. I know I said I was on a shopping haitus…but all I can say is…Hiatus Schmiatus! Hubby is worse than I am..so what can ya do?
We had a very exciting find this week…but you’ll have to wait until tomorrow’s blog post to hear about it!!

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