Wow. I am feeling the love! Thanks eBay!
While most of the time I focus on my vintage finds and sales here at the blog, eBay selling is a big part of our online reSelling biz. While we’re out thrifting..we love finding the vintage wares. So exciting! But there are so many items that are not vintage and still flip-worthy. .Vintage selling alone would be tons of fun and we’re selling more of that every year…but eBay non-vintage is still our bread and butter.
Flatware of course. That goes without saying. Some of my flatware does go on Etsy but for the most part, my customer base is on eBay.
I thought I’d share a few things that have sold recently on eBay and then some things I’ve found that I just listed.

This was a fun find. I found this one night when I did a quick run in to Goodwill while Hubby waited in the car with the kiddos. It was higher priced than I really felt like spending…but I did a quick search on my phone and thought it was worth it. Hubby later told me he thought I was crazy. Wisely he said nothing. I did something I don’t normally do and I listed it fairly quickly. 🙂
I was actually surprised when it sold fairly quickly. I accepted a Best Offer of $110.
Oh my cute little bunny from this post sold within 24 hours of listing.

I used to worry about underpricing when that happens…but I also know that people have saved searches. I’m good with the price and I hope the new buyer loves her bunny!

Of course, there’s always flatware. These were United Airlines flatware mostly still in the original plastic sleeves.

I know dinnerware in general can be a good niche to sell in. I have to draw a line somewhere. So I’ve decided against MOST dinnerware..just to save on the packing and shipping. And storage for that matter. I still always look though, lol. And will pick up plates or mugs that belong to dinnerware lines if the profit is good enough. Also if the piece is somewhat unusual…like this spoon rest. Pfaltzgraff is a good brand and they make so MANY pieces to go with their patterns. Some people like to have all the pieces to their pattern and so it can be worth it to pick these odd pieces up.

I’ve said before I LOVE the bag wall at my Value Village. Any kind of unusual tool or gadget, especially in its original box…always garners a second look from me.

Last but not least…coffee mugs! I love finding and selling mugs. And I feel like I’ve gotten pretty picky. I’m sure I pass up mugs that will sell. But anymore I try to shoot for ones that will sell for $10-15 or higher..before shipping.
Sandra Boynton stuff is pretty popular…but I’ve ended up stuck with several of her mugs that just won’t move. This one seemed pretty unusual and the pillowcase in this pattern is popular so I took a chance. I actually found 2, but the second one has a minor defect so I listed it separately after this one sold.
I know this post is getting long…hang in there with me!
Now for the stuff I’ve found that I recently listed. 🙂

Again, three cheers for the bag wall! Even the plastics section!!
Now I got these Duffy ears from a different source where I paid a bit more than usual. But having Duffy and Disney in your store is always a traffic draw.

Funny thing was I sold a HH paperback lot earlier and it had the same books…#3-11. Normally on book sets I don’t bother unless they are complete, but I learned from my earlier sale that at least with Hornblower…this is still a desirable chunk of books.

Ah…sheets and linens! Another area you could go crazy in…vintage novelty sheets alone!! But RL bears striped sheets are always a win.
I don’t usually get caught up in the Target designer collaborations, but sometimes pieces make it all the way through Target clearance…then closeout and end up at Goodwill stores. 
You may have noticed that some of my eBay sales and listings are vintage and could easily go on Etsy. It’s true. Sometimes where I list an item first is based on where it seems the strongest sales are. Highest prices, that sort of thing. I don’t double list. Not often anyway. Sometimes I move things from one venue to another if they’re not selling but I’m usually just focused on listing new items.
I just have developed a feel over the years as to where an item will sell, or where I want it to sell.
So I hoped you enjoyed this little glimpse into my so-called eBay life. If you have any questions, feel free to ask!

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