Why It’s “Green” to Buy Vintage

Why It'sWhew, it’s been a busy couple of weeks but I know y’all know how I’m feeling. We’ve started to have our share of the fall/winter viruses going around and we’ve even had some snow! Crazy for the Pacific NW this time of year. I guess we’ll see how this winter goes….

The other day Hubby was telling me about a program he was watching from awhile back featuring Survivorman and it was called Off the Grid. He was talking about the ways they saved energy and lived in a simple way.
Of course, its no news that this is a popular concept right now. Lots of people are searching for ways to reduce their carbon footprint and be “green”. People use cloth napkins and ‘nappies’ :), they pack their lunches, they carpool, they recycle, they collect rain….
You probably do some or all of these things…and maybe even more.

But I was thinking how we, as lovers of vintage, are well suited to the ‘green’ lifestyle. Here are a couple reasons why it’s green to buy vintage.

1. Item rescue. When you buy vintage (or even any pre-owned item for that matter), that’s one less thing destined for the landfill! Less waste = green. Green for the environment and green in your wallet!

2. Vintage items endure.  We’ve all heard the saying “They don’t make ’em like they used to” and to a large extent that’s true. Back in the day, items were made to last and to be repaired. I bought a microwave a couple years ago and I’m disappointed to say its performance is slipping already. My mom had the same microwave for YEARS. Same with her washer and dryer. When ours recently died…it turned out that the repair was more expensive than replacing. And there was no guarantee the repair would work. So plenty of vintage items are still going strong and will probably last through your lifetime!


Vintage Stainless Japan Spoons

Not just appliances, but kitchen utensils, vintage clothing, hand tools, the list goes on. Plenty of items still have lots of life left.


All of you vintage lovers out there already are hip to these benefits of buying older items but maybe you know someone who scoffs at buying ‘old junk’ or ‘pre-owned’. Give ’em a friendly reminder that by buying those yellow daisy juice glasses just like Grandma had, they’d be doing just as much for the environment as bringing their own to-go cup to Starbucks.

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