What’s Been Selling on Ebay and Etsy!

Hey, just a quick pop in to let you know of 2 videos I just put up on YouTube! The first one is just catching up on some things that have sold from the other Reseller Reports….

You can find that video here:

What’s Sold on Ebay and Etsy

Then after that…another video with some of the things I’ll be listing this week…mostly sourced from my MIL. You’ll want to hear about the thrift-mobile…and the story of this fab paint by number!! That video is right here:

Reseller’s Report #5

Feel free to go ahead and subscribe because I’m planning to share more of these types of videos….stuff I found and sourced and the stories behind them…plus the SOLDS! That’s the good stuff, right? That’s how we know what’s worth picking up.

Thanks so much!!

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