Welcome to my New Blog

Ok..the idea for this blog has been brewing for awhile…and I’m sure it will still be a work in progress. I have a list of ideas of possible posts swirling around in my brain…maybe it will help to get them out.

  • my thrift store scores
  • crazy/cool/unique things i see at thrift stores/garage sales
  • my flips…things I found and resold at a higher price. Therefore tips for you! Things to keep on the lookout for at thrift stores.
  • thrift store items (TSIs) or found objects… repurposed, reused, renewed either by me or by you or by someone else.
  • when we finally settle into our new home..be it apartment or (please oh please) a house of our own…my adventurings in outfitting it with handmade, second-hand and of course vintage items. How more green can you get than thrift store shopping???
  • cool things other people found at thrift stores

Ok…that helped. I will probably blog about all of it! Please stay posted!

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