Weekend Finds ~ To the Vintage Hunter Go the Spoils

Whenever I’m trying to get back into a blogging schedule, I feel like I need a bit of a warm up. Doing a “finds” post is the easiest way to get back in the groove! I have to make sure you’re still out there…((Hallo!!!))…and I get to show off a few things! (this blog post contains affiliate links)

NEAPOLITAN (3)So today I went thrifting. I wasn’t planning on going thrifting. The day just kind of fell that way…Hubby was exhausted..actually, we were ALL exhausted and decided to attack the errands in town all together. LM2 was especially wiped out and didn’t want to go. He’s such a homebody that I didn’t pay him much mind and told him he’d feel better by the time he got some Denny’s pancakes into him. Well….that never happened because he threw up even before we ordered. Sigh.

So back home we went, with me turning right around to do the above mentioned errands. Hubby was still exhausted, so he gave up any idea of being productive at home. There was no need for me to rush back since he was staying and resting and totally in charge of the kiddos. (On a side note, LM2 got home, ate a sleeve of Saltines and drank some Gatorade and was pretty ok for most of the day.)
On my way out the door, Hubby told me he hoped I would find something good at Value Village. I feigned righteous outrage for a nanosecond but then gave up. He knows me too well.

But really, I had NO plans of hitting Value Village, because I was there on Monday. But with that kind of expectation weighing on me…I did my best to live up to it. 😉

And of course, I found some stuff. Not a TON of vintage…but flippable stuff. Let’s start with the flatware….because that’s where I usually start in the Value Village.
DSC_0001These 3 pieces should sell for about $15 apiece. Of course, I did have to buy them in 2 ‘baggies’ with other random flatware. A few of the pieces will get added to other pieces I already have and the rest will go in a big mixed flatware lot that I always have going.

The 2 fancy salad forks are marked with that fabulous “cube” mark that goes with Oneida Heirloom Stainless. The pattern is Shelley. Remember my Shelley score I blogged about here? It helped pay for my dental work. lol.

The teaspoon is in the Morning Blossom pattern also by Oneida. I recently listed a casserole spoon in that pattern and I noticed the selling prices of the other pieces. It got added to my mental file. Always learning, I tell ya!

EDIT**The teaspoon is NOT “Morning Blossom”…I was wrong about that..trying to rely on my faulty memory. Now I can’t remember what it is…but I think I put it aside to add to other pieces.**

So…then I bought socks. I know, not something you see here often at Recycleista-ville. lol. The Field and Stream Cozy Cabin socks are for me…but of course I just checked and could maybe get about $12 for them on Ebay. Hmm…my hot-flashing self may not need these…and I also just noticed that they’re infused with Aloe?? Not sure how I feel about that. #greasyfeet
But the Hunter boot liners are definitely for flippin’. Hunter boots are HOT. #resellingtip. I figured the leopard print would be an added bonus.

So guess what happens next week? Yes! It’s gonna be 2019!!! That’s nuts. Anywho…with the new year brings renewed thoughts on getting organized! What does that mean for us resellers? Getting organized? Yes, maybe. But also we need to sell ALL the things related to getting organized. I didn’t find any great planners to flip but I did grab these planner accessories. The Franklin Covey hole punch I’ve sold before but I’ve never found it in the box. And the Happy Planner one I grabbed (after a quick check online) because I knew how popular the Happy Planner is…and I have one of my own (that I don’t use. #bestofintentions)

DSC_0004Okay, a few vintage items finally! A kitschy turtle earring holder. (can’t resist the kitsch sometimes!) and a photo album. Also a few sewing patterns. The one on top (Simplicity 5247)…is a fairly desirable, well selling ($25ish) one that I mistakenly put in a craft lot recently. Ouch!! Well it happens to us all. But I found another one! So I have a chance to redeem myself.
But more about that photo album. This is what makes it special:

DSC_0005Always. Always. Pick up photo albums made specifically for Polaroid pictures. They will always sell.

DSC_0008Okay next. Just in case you think I missed the mug aisle. ((No way, not after the post right before this)) These are by Fitz & Floyd, of course and are part of the “Ski-lympics” series. They are not in the greatest of shape and need some TLC, but I couldn’t pass them up.

DSC_0006Now for my second favorite find of the day. At Goodwill, they rolled out a cart of dinnerware and ceramic collectible souvenir bells (shudder).  But nestled in there were these odd looking salt and pepper shakers, all taped together.
DSC_0007I looked at the bottom and saw the name Swid Powell. Now, that’s a name that’s been at the periphery of my thrifting consciousness but I couldn’t tell you a thing about it. So I did a quick Ebay search and saw high listing prices for this pair of shakers. My hands were crazy full so I stopped researching there and decided to take a chance. The education alone would be worth the price.
Turns out there were none of this style in solds. Hmm. I went over to Worthpoint and found a couple pairs that had sold for about $40ish. Good enough for me!

Swid Powell was a NY based company founded in 1982 that promoted and sold innovative Post-Modern style dinnerware, designed by prominent architects of the time. This pair was designed by  Tigerman & McCurry. Interesting! I can see what rabbit holes I will be diving down later. #alwayslearning

Speaking of rabbits. On to my last and FAVORITE find of the day. I spotted the telltale glaze of Howard Pierce pottery through the bag hanging on the magical bag wall.


Flipped it over and bestill my heart! Bunnies!!

That was my thrifting day in a nutshell. Hit one more Goodwill and it was a bust. How about you!? Have you found anything good lately? Share in a comment below!!

(PS- I used smaller photos in this post. Too small? Good enough? Didn’t notice? I’d appreciate the feedback! Thanks!)


4 thoughts on “Weekend Finds ~ To the Vintage Hunter Go the Spoils”

  1. I celebrated Christmas with my son in Seattle and was, yet again, amazed by the plethora of thrift stores.

    I purchased a few things including Funko Pops but should not have chose them, LOL. I was shopping without data so could not look them up and they are an item that you should definitely always look up before purchasing for resale.

    Next time I am in Seattle, I need more time for shopping, I need to pay for data in the U.S. and I need a second suitcase!

    The pictures on your post look good on my android phone.

    1. Yes, there are many thrift stores here. I was telling Hubby I was tired of MY thrift stores I hit every week. I need to plan more time to go further afield and closer to Seattle. I usually find good stuff when I do. Thanks for the photo feedback. 🙂

    1. That’s kinda how I was leaning with the photos. I know on mobile, it’s probably not an issue but on desktop, they’re too small.
      Full disclosure: I wanted to change the pictures, but for some reason awhile back I lost the ability to edit or remove the photo once it’s in.
      It’s a glitch or something. And I’m not technically adroit enough to know how to fix it, lol.

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