Wednesday’s Flip of the Week

I thought from time to time (ok I guess my title commits me to weekly!) I would share one of my successful eBay sales stories. Part of my thrifting adventures involves looking for items that are begging to be matched up to new owners. And ok, my goals aren’t completely altruistic…we need to pay our bills! We are in the same boat as many of you.

This is a young boy’s navy blazer with brass buttons that is made by Talbots Kids. It was a size 14 regular. Found it at a thrift store for a couple dollars. I didn’t buy it the first time..went home…remembered to research it..found out it was probably worth selling…returned the next day and was fortunate enough to find it. I’m not usually that fortunate. (When we get on our feet again I AM getting internet on my phone!!!!)
Anyway, the blazer sold for $42. My pictures aren’t even that great. I’ve been playing around since we’re living in my folks’ spare room after our move. My setup isn’t that great, but I took a bunch..all the details, buttons and tags. Talbot’s Kids in general is a fairly good part of lots..or outerwear and jackets separately. This blazer sells consistently for good prices. You can see the current completed listings here.

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