Vintage Hanky A Day Mother Goose Book

What can I say about this beautiful thrift store find? The pictures just have to speak for themselves….ok, no I have to say some stuff. I got this for less than a dollar at a Value Village! No joke. It was in with their regular books..near the ‘collectible’ shelf. But it didn’t have a separate price so I got it for a regular children’s book price.

I opened it and realized that all the hankies are still there! One for each day of the week with a super cute graphic and poem.

Although I love this’s not in my line of collecting so I want to share it with someone who would really appreciate it! I’m not sure how, though. I could sell it on Etsy, or on the bay. Research has yielded that someone sold one in better shape (without the tear on Mother Goose) for $60. But I don’t know how long it sat in the seller’s shop before the sale happened. Haven’t seen another one like it…except on another blog.

What to do, oh what to do? But I’ll enjoy looking at it while I have it and share the lovely pictures with you!

6 thoughts on “Vintage Hanky A Day Mother Goose Book”

  1. I would love to have this book. I have been searching for it for a couple of years. I am sure you don’t have it, but maybe you fell under the spell like me. If you still have and want to sell, how much?

      1. If you ever get another one, please keep my name. There were several versions of the book. Not just mother goose. If you see any book that includes a hanky or anything else I would be interested if the item was not removed. Thanks

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