Vintage Glimpse ~ 1962 Seattle World’s Fair ~ 50 Years!

This year, 2012, marks the 50th Anniversary of the World’s Fair in Seattle, Washington. I was reminded of this fact when I found this scarf at the Goodwill recently.

Of course it doesn’t get more MOD than the design of the Space Needle…but I love some of the other mid-century imagery. 
I was going through my silverware mega-stash recently and found this little stainless spoon. Forgot I had it. 🙂
I also took a spin around Etsy to see what other vintage World’s Fair souvenir offerings there were. You can see what I found in this treasury that I made.
Have any of you ever visited Seattle? Or gone to the top of the Space Needle?

2 thoughts on “Vintage Glimpse ~ 1962 Seattle World’s Fair ~ 50 Years!”

  1. I am a midwestern girl but for a short part of my childhood lived in Bremerton,Wa and Silverdale WA and yes have been up in the space needle as a child~I blame it for my deathly fear of heights!

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