Vintage Find of a Lifetime ~ Follow Up

Just for those of you who haven’t seen it yet…

Whoo Hoo!!

Ok, so the buyer ( in the US) hasn’t paid yet. I’m not worried…..yet. No communication either. I’m not really worried…there’s always Second Chance Offer..and the next bid down is $620. So someone WILL want these.

I just don’t like having it so drawn out…..

6 thoughts on “Vintage Find of a Lifetime ~ Follow Up”

  1. I had a watch on your auction so I could follow it! WOW!! I hope you've gotten your payment by now. I know sometimes these high bidders flake out, hope yours comes through. Thanks for sharing this too.

  2. Omigosh, I had NO idea vintage Levi's were worth so much! Thanks for the valuable info. And Oh the Agony of waiting, and waiting. But hang in there–I am sure you will get paid. Best to you, Linda HomeForGood.NET

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