Top Find ~Taylor & Ng ~ Le Cheval

Taylor & Ng Horse Mug Le Cheval Blue 1979 Win Ng

I love it when I find something rare! Picked this up at a yard sale this weekend. I knew Taylor & Ng mugs were collectible. I’ve sold a dog mug in this line. So I happily plucked the mug from among its companions.

I only picked up a few things this weekend. This was my top find. I’m SERIOUS about working on my backlog. I’ve got a new strategy for Ebay…(don’t I always?) So I need to be more selective and work on my backlog.

But if being more selective means finding gems like this…I should be fine!!

Did you have a good thrifting weekend??

6 thoughts on “Top Find ~Taylor & Ng ~ Le Cheval”

  1. Me three! I have a closet full of backlog that needs to be listed for my new Etsy store.

    I've been on the hunt for Taylor & Ng mugs for at least 2 years. No happs in TN so far. Congrats!

  2. If I only focused on my backlog, I wouldn't have picked up a set of topstyler curlers by the maker of the Instyler hair straightener last week for $5 and flipped it for $75 last night.:) I think it's ok to pass on the so-so items that you can make a small profit on, but the home runs have to be purchased.

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