Top 10 Betty Crocker Silverware Patterns by Oneida

As I’ve mentioned before in this post: Oneida Flatware and the Betty Crocker Catalog, nostalgia plays a big role in the reselling of vintage flatware. Many mothers and grandmothers dutifully collected Betty Crocker coupons and put together silverware sets for daughters, nieces, granddaughters and themselves.

Those who inherited these sets turn to Ebay and Etsy for replacement pieces or to fill in their sets. (This post contains affiliate links. You can read our full privacy and disclosure policy here.)


I’ve put together this list of the top 10 (in no particular order) Oneida silverware or flatware patterns sold through Betty Crocker catalogs. These are patterns that I sell consistently and seem to have a high demand. If you are a flatware reseller you can use this list as a BOLO list. (Be On the LookOut).

If you are a Betty Crocker silverware set owner..this guide may help you identify your stainless flatware pattern and source some replacements.

(I was able to take pictures of half of these from my own pieces, the rest of the photos came from 

Twin Star 

Oneida Twin Star Flatware
Backstamp: Oneida Community

Twin Star listings on Ebay

Twin Star listings on Etsy

My Rose
Oneida My Rose Flatware

Backstamp: Oneida Community

My Rose listings on Ebay

My Rose listings on Etsy


Photo cred:
Photo cred:

Backstamp: Oneida Community

Chandelier listings on Ebay

Chandelier listings on Etsy

Patrick Henry
Oneida Patrick Henry

Backstamp: Oneida Community

Patrick Henry listings on Ebay

Patrick Henry listings on Etsy


Photo Cred:
Photo Cred:

Backstamp: Oneida Community

Chatelaine listings on Ebay

Chatelaine listings on Etsy


Photo cred:
Photo cred:

Backstamp: Oneida Community

Cello listings on Ebay

Cello listings on Etsy


Oneida SatiniqueBackstamp: Oneida Community

Satinique listings on Ebay

Satinique listings on Etsy

**There are 2 Oneida patterns called Satinique. Keep this in mind while purchasing and check photos carefully. Look for ones that say “Satinique -OLDER”. In this case, they may be easier to find on Etsy.


Photo Cred:
Photo Cred:

Backstamp: Oneida Community

Brahms listings on Ebay

Brahms listings on Etsy

Via Roma

Oneida Via RomaBackstamp: Oneida Community

Via Roma listings on Ebay

Via Roma listings on Etsy


Photo cred:
Photo cred:

Backstamp: Oneida Community

Plantation listings on Ebay

Plantation listings on Etsy

Of course, these are not ALL of the Betty Crocker stainless silverware patterns. There were dozens spanning many decades. If you need more assistance identifying your pattern, feel free to go to the Contact Me page and shoot me an email!

22 thoughts on “Top 10 Betty Crocker Silverware Patterns by Oneida”

  1. Thank you so much for this post! I’ve sold a little bit of silverware but I never know what to look for….this will help for sure! 🙂 ~~Pam

  2. I am new to selling flatware, but really enjoy the patterns (and sometimes huge profits). Twin Star is my personal favorite. Love that atomic look and it’s easy to spot in that huge dish tub at the thrift store.

  3. I still have most of my set that I saved coupons for, but I searched eBay to replace a few lost pieces. When I received my various purchases I realized that there is a difference with the stamped ID and a very slight difference in the design. My original has SSS by Oneida and replacement pieces have Oneida Community. Do you know why or when the Brahams pattern changed?

    1. So sorry I didn’t see this!! I wonder if the Brahams pattern changed when it wasn’t sold through the coupons anymore? I’m not sure. Probably just over the whole span of making the flatware it changes locations and such. I know in some patterns that they still make, people look for Oneida USA on the back because that’s the vintage stuff.

        1. I’m not sure if there was something in this article or comments you’re referring to? I can’t find it. One of the backstamps for Oneida that I’ve come across on many stainless pieces is SSS by Oneida. Sterling pieces would be marked “Sterling”.

  4. I’ve also found that Arbor Rose/ True Rose , Maestro/Aberdeen, and Flight/Reliance are a few other VERY popular patterns that sell quickly and easily. (although they prob aren’t Betty Crocker label now that I think about it…)

    1. Yes, I agree! Those are definitely great bread and butter patterns! Summer Mist is also a consistent one.

  5. I have Oneida flat wear set I bought almost 35 years ago. It is a service for 12. I m always careful with it since I value things I’ve had for awhile. A week ago I was surprised to find I was missing a dinner fork. After looking around for it without success I decided to look on the Oneida site. I was able to order 2 forks and 12 iced tea spoons! So happy! My set Flight is made in the USA which I really like.

    1. Yes I love the made in USA pieces. Definitely popular with buyers too. Glad you found what you needed!

  6. I have somewhere in the range of 100 flatware pieces with all kinds of designs and markings. Im looking to get rid of them as a whole lot. Anyone have any interest or asvice, please email me.

  7. Hello,
    Have you ever seen flatware with a backstamp

    T (in a hexagon) followed by a picture of a GLOBE (in a hexagon).

    Having a dickens of a time figuring this one out!

    Thanks for any help.

    1. No I can’t say I’ve seen that. Google results I have a feeling are giving me your listings on Ebay? So I can see a picture. If it’s Stainless Japan…it might be hard to find a maker. I’ve had those stubborn ones myself. The good news is, that a cool pattern usually finds a buyer, no matter you know the maker or not. Especially on Etsy.

  8. When my wife and I married almost 25 years ago, we purchased our first silverware, 8 four piece place settings of Oneida Brahms. We loved it! We showed it to her grandmother and she bought us many matching serving pieces from Betty Crocker. We aren’t the type of people that only use things for special occasions. Everyday is special to us but, unfortunately we’ve lost several pieces of our original sets. When I order replacements, all the patterns vary slightly. Is there a difference between regular Oneida Brahms and Brahms community pieces? Thank you, Geary!

    1. Hi, yes I think the newer items are just not made as well as the older ones! I’ve noticed that if I find a pattern that is vintage but is still being made today I make sure to note that the pattern says “Oneida USA”…indicating vintage. Some people look for that because they want to match the heft and quality of the older stuff. Oneida is still a great company but I do believe the older items just have a different quality.

  9. I bought a set with Betty Crocker coupons sometime in the seventies,I think . Have lost two teaspoons. Would like to replace. The only writing on pieces is:Oneida Community Stainless . It has a plain center with scroll work down each side and a rose where the spoon bowl attaches . Would appreciate any help with my finding it’s identity and obtaining replacements.

  10. I grew up eating with twin star – felt so modern in the early 1970’s! My mom’s silverplate set (12 complete place settings and all serving pieces) is Royal Flute, which her mom bought through Betty Crocker and gave to my mom & dad as a wedding gift. It’s simple and lovely. I’ve looked through several inline catalogues, but haven’t been able to figure out when it was manufactured, or at which location. I’m guessing early 1950’s and made in NY. Any ideas would be much appreciated.

    1. How lovely. I’m sorry, I don’t know of any resources that discuss locations. Replacements sometimes has dates, but I notice they don’t for your pattern. Sorry! You may be able to research old Betty Crocker ads (pinterest) and see if you come across a date where the pattern was offered…sometimes it spans several decades.

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