To The Hunter Goes the Spoils – 10.20.14

I know that’s not the exact expression, but I thought it fit.
Just a few highlights of my week in hunting vintage. A couple of these may have been from last week but I don’t think I mentioned them.
First up…my dishes!! Some of you may remember a blog post or two in the past where I was deciding between Blue Heaven and Swiss Alpine as my dish set. I bought some Blue Heaven dinner plates but in the end have decided to go with Swiss Alpine or Swiss Chalet. The European folk vibe seems to fit our style better.
So I’ve slowly been adding to my collection…but still needed dinner plates.
I was so happy to turn around at Value Village last week and find a messload of Swiss Alpine. Some I left there…I know, I know…I could resell the extras (but I’m trying to simplify!!) but I managed to get a few dinner plates and a few soup bowls. A few other odds and ends as well.
Stuff like that makes me happy.
The same day I picked up this handled soup bowl and saucer by Royal Doulton.

Antique china like this is not really my thing…plus we really do want to limit the amount of breakables we sell…honestly!! But it was gorgeous, I recognized the name and I thought this piece at least was interesting enough to sell well. I left some other pieces behind. See? I’m working on my self-control!
More recently, I was pleased to find this cup and saucer:

I knew before I flipped it over, it had to be Arabia of Finland. Not sure if there’s a pattern name to go with it…still working on that. But it’s darling.

The same day I was in a Goodwill and was kind of on thrifting autopilot. Ever been like that? I was just kind of grabbing things and flipping them over. I grabbed this bowl, not even with the thought that it was anything…and turned it over.

Yes…Heath of course! Duh.
When I saw the mark, I kind of ‘came to’ and really looked at the piece. I’ve seen enough Heath pieces that I should have recognized it immediately. So funny.
Here’s the mark if you haven’t seen it before:

Heath Ceramics was started in California by Edith Heath in the 1940s. Some of her designs are in the Museum of Modern Art in NYC. They are still operating and I love following them on Instagram to see what’s new. They also have a lovely Facebook page where they’ve most kindly helped me figure out the age and glaze names of the pieces I’ve found.

That’s most of the interesting vintage I’ve found recently. What has your hunt yielded??

7 thoughts on “To The Hunter Goes the Spoils – 10.20.14”

  1. I've sold one of those Arabia cup and saucer sets. One of 2 I picked up but the other one turned out to be cracked. I wasn't able to get any information about them but I was a newbie at the time so maybe you will have better luck. Here's the listing link so that you can get an idea of pricing.

    I'd be very interested in any information about them that you are able to find.

  2. Very cute! So far I was able to find a couple on Worthpoint when I used the word 'farmer'. No info in the listings though. But one like mine sold on Ebay for about $65 or so. I'm gonna push it higher. 🙂 There's a couple others in the series…a stamp collector, a golfer.
    I think "Arabia" will sell it…I'll let you know how it goes.

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