The Times – They Are A’Changing

I have been meaning to pop in here for the last couple weeks and give an update on some decisions I’ve made. Figures…I didn’t make it here to sign in..and all of a sudden I get comments all over the place and my email notifications failed me! So if you had left a comment, I apologize about the delay in replying.

As you know I have struggled finding time for this blog. Creating content and making it appealing takes time! Blogging is still a viable way of communicating information these days but we can’t argue with the fact that social media has taken on a bigger and bigger role.

YouTube has spawned a whole generation of vloggers…after all, it’s easier to speak than to write (for some) and many prefer to watch than to read. I personally would rather read than watch…but it IS more time consuming putting together a coherent article.

Back when I started blogging..there were many vintage bloggers. There were link up parties and people were sharing their finds every week. It was fun. Slowly one by one, it’s dropped off and people have replaced that community with Facebook groups, Twitter and Instagram. Instant sharing!! A few minutes to type out a post.

So I’ve decided to use my Instagram account to cover more of the day to day aspects of the whole thrifting, reselling vintage process. Reselling tips, BOLOs (Be On the LookOut items), finds, sales, successes, flops…will all be part of my daily posting on Instagram.

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Follow me there! Here is the link.

If Instagram is not your thing…all of my Instagram posts automatically post over on my Facebook business page too!

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Let me make something clear. I am NOT shutting down the blog. I will still be working on my Selling Vintage A to Z series and have some other informational posts in the works.

But most of the time I feel guilty about not being more interactive with my readers and sharing the day to day parts of being a reseller. That is what social media will be good for.

Hope to see you over on Instagram or Facebook! If you start following me over there…leave a comment so I know you came from the blog! If you do follow me…you may have to make some changes in notifications so that you do see my posts. Or interact! FB and IG definitely interpret who we interact with…so feel free to like and leave comments!

Thanks for sticking with me!

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