The Spoils of Thrift ~ Jumbo Flashcard Edition

Twas a pretty good week, thriftin’ wise, anyway. Our family seems to have been sick this entire month…one after another, and then all over again. I’m so sick of being sick and having our regular schedule disrupted.
Okay, rant over. Life is life.

I did some ‘buying’ and ‘purchasing’ this week, in a couple different venues.
I went to a Junk Weekend kind of show on Friday night. My MIL and a friend were vendors so we went to see their wares and to poke around. Poor hubby was hacking his lungs out, but drove me there and then kept the boys busy playing on the lawn while I shopped. LM1 seems to be all arms and legs right now and can’t be trusted in a crowded, busy show. I’m nervous enough going through the glassware aisle at Goodwill with him right now. 🙂
Anywho, the show is mostly junky, crusty, shabby chic-ish, painted furniture and stuff. I like looking at it…but I generally shop with the eye for resale and that’s not my niche. There was enough industrial and vintage kitchen mixed in, so it was fun to shop. I was also looking for some mid century sleepers…was totally hoping someone had some cathrineholm or Dansk that they didn’t know the value of…but no dice.
I did score one of these at a nice price:

The same booth had some other goodies. She actually had some great retro stuff…but not really at ‘flippable’ prices. I did spot these pretty quickly:

Holy Vintage Paperology, Batman! You may not understand at first glance at how awesome this find is…but I LOVE anything school flashcard related. From 1966. And Giant Size??? Love, love, love. See the top photo. These are 11-1/4″ x 14″. Poster size. They will be listed in the shop soon. Probably a few at a time. I wasn’t sure how the Synonym, Antonym, etc thing would work…but I looked at a few and I can already envision different places that would want to decorate with one of these!! The vendor made me a deal since I bought all 3 boxes…she said she thought about selling them separately but either hadn’t gotten to it…or decided against it. Glad she didn’t!
I also grabbed this Jumbo Old Maid card game. Just cuz. I think the graphics are cute.

The only other purchases I made at the show were from another booth. I focused on her ‘smalls’ which she had at a great price.

I forgot to put this pin in the group picture. It was my ‘sleeper’

The vendor had it marked as ‘Sterling’ which was true….I just didn’t realized it was marked “Norway Sterling  OPRO”. Fun! OPRO stands for Ole Petter Raasch Olsen.
Okay, what else?
These stainless salt and pepper shakers were a Value Village find:

They are marked “Made in Italy ALFRA”, which seems to be an early mark for that company.
I also picked up a couple vintage cookie presses:

The bottom one was from Value Village, but the top one came from a yard sale. It was the only vintage item at the entire sale. The seller said she loved it, just for the box! We agreed that vintage pink is different than today’s pink.
That seemed to be common at most of the yard sales I hit recently. Lots of newer stuff with a few surprising vintage items mixed in. Just shows you never know by doing a drive by!
That was the case with this sale that advertised lots of girl stuff…I ended up going because it was across the street from 2 other sales where I found nothing. Lots of girl stuff…but then Mom was Norwegian and was getting rid of a few things from her decor:

Oh my goodness, I almost forgot!
There was another sale…same thing…almost didn’t stop, but there were 2 side by side. I got a few things for us and then I saw this:

Amazing fondue forks by Laurids Lonborg of Copenhagen Denmark! I was forced to buy a cheesy cheap fondue pot with no lid that came with it…but these were worth it!
Okay, I think that was it!
What did you

 this weekend???
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