Tax Day is Ov-uh! Celebrating with an Etsy Sale!

Well, for me anyway.
I know technically the due date this year is Monday, so it’s fabulous that I finished up 3 whole days early! lol

True Procrasti-nista fashion! (oh my…I think I have a name for a new blog, lol!)

So to celebrate, I’m running a sale in The Recycleista’s Retro Shop!

From now until 10pm PST on Sunday night…take 20% off EVERYTHING in The Retro Shop. 

How do you run a sale on Etsy, you may be wondering? Well, I use a site called Etsy on Sale. It works by using credits which you purchase through Paypal. The more credits you purchase, the cheaper they are. Every time you run a sale event, it uses 4 credits.

Want to try it out? Here’s a deal for you: Sign into Etsy on Sale and link your Etsy shop. Enter my referral code: JSCU5MZMYM and you will get 10 free credits!!
Now you may also be able to just use this link: Sign up for Etsy on Sale and my referral link will work. But if you see the place to put in my code, please feel free to do it!

Now, you could go ahead and sign up without me and you’ll still get 5 credits. But if you use the link or code above, not only will you get 5 EXTRA credits, I will also get 5 credits. It’s up to you!

Etsy on Sale also has a Tag Tool, where you can edit the tags in all your listings at once. Helpful if you join an Etsy Team and want to add the Team’s name to all your listings at once.

Such a big sense of relief to get Tax Time behind me! I can get back to listing and hopefully selling as the buyers also come up for air!

What’s your tax habit? Procrastin-ista or Punctual-ista??

4 thoughts on “Tax Day is Ov-uh! Celebrating with an Etsy Sale!”

  1. Congratulations! I’m still working on ours and I’m not so sure I’ll be done on Monday! 🙁 I know it’s a good feeling to get it out of the way! Happy for you! 🙂 ~~Pam

    1. Great, thanks! I have gotten a sale from it this weekend. Not a ton…but it seems to be a slow weekend all-around. So maybe one more than I would have gotten! #glasshalffull

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