Still Flippin’ Over Flatware

Of course, y’all know that I dig me some stainless flatware. Silverplate too, to a certain extent. You can’t read my blog without putting two and two together on that subject.
Buying and selling stainless flatware is a mainstay of my online business. At the end of this post, I’ll put links to the articles I wrote about my process, in case you’re interested in trying out the flatware flip too.

Still Flippin' Over Flatware ~ Another quick tip for your stainless flatware buying and selling business. Plus more info about how to break into this profitable side business!

Flatware has been selling great for me lately and I’ve found some awesome pieces!


Look at that! It’s gorgeous! It’s by Oneida and it’s called Chandelier. I found a bunch of it the other day and have sold 4 teaspoons already for $39.99 free shipping. I paid 25 cents apiece. Here’s a link to my other listings. Tip: if the handle is pierced, it’s probably worth taking a gamble on selling it.

Today I just wanted to share a quick resource that I’ve found to help if you’re just getting into selling flatware. Sometimes it helps to take a look at flatware patterns that sell well to kind of get them into your brain. You can search Ebay ‘solds’ of course, but sometimes pictures are hard to see. (not all eBay photos are created equal!).

I just noticed a new feature on the Replacements website that may help. It helped me already! Go to the site and click on the ‘Silver’ tab to get to the flatware page.


Now look above the alphabetical list…A B C D E…. Notice some new links. “Our Most Popular Silver Manufacturers”, etc. We want to focus on that second one, “Our Most Popular Stainless Patterns”
You’ll get a screen full of patterns like this:


This is GREAT for research. If these are the top selling patterns for Replacements, it means these are the patterns people will probably search for on eBay as well.
I took a look through and most of the Oneida ones were not a surprise to me…many of them I’ve actually sold. It was interesting to see what other brands were popular and which patterns in those brands sold well on this website.
See that little “Top Ten” badge? That is good to know! I think I have some Chateau around here somewhere…time to get it listed!

And the one next to it, Chatelaine? This is fab! The same day I bought the Chandelier pieces up above, I picked up a bunch of teaspoons and dinner forks in another pattern. It was Oneida Community which was good enough for me. Dinner forks and teaspoons generally sell the best in any pattern so I knew I’d be fine. I have already photographed it..but hadn’t researched the pattern.
There it was! Chatelaine. And to know that it’s a best selling pattern made me really happy! I know to check my prices on those and make sure they’re up where they belong.

So I just wanted to share this quick flatware selling tip with you. For more information about flipping stainless flatware see the links below.

I discuss some of the other brands I look for in this post: (post needs updating! stay tuned!)

Stainless Flatware Brands to Flip ~ Flippin’ Flatware Part One

Then how to identify the pattern is here:

How To Identify Your Stainless Flatware Pattern ~ Flippin’ Flatware Part Two

And then, if it will help, since organization is not my forte,’s the last part:

Organizing Your Flatware Inventory ~ Flippin’ Flatware Part Three

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Happy Flippin’!!

10 thoughts on “Still Flippin’ Over Flatware”

  1. I LOOOOOOOVE to flip flatware, too!! I have neglected it in a big way- working full time in another area, completely- no time for flipping anything!! But if I ever go back to thrifting and flipping, I’ll always be eyeballing the stainless!! Nice post!!

  2. You are my inspiration! Just had a good flip with some Sasaki Double Helix designed by Ward Bennett. Love me some flatware! Thank you for all your info.

    1. Listing looks good! That flatware is awesome! Can you get a picture in natural light to really show the color? Flatware can take a bit of time to sell…I just have more of it listed so i sell some everyday pretty much.

  3. Stainless flatware is one of my big areas too — part of it is that I just love identifying the patterns. Any cleaning tips. I’ve tried buffing a few trial pieces with a dremel and buffing wheel with compound, but never had any luck. I usually soak in Dawn, then buff with a microfiber cloth.

    1. I’ve been happy with Barkeepers Friend lately…even on some of the pieces (mostly made in Japan) that have bowls that have darkened. It lightens them up a bit. Game-changer!

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