Spoils of Thrift ~ Yard Sale Season is Here!!

Well, all of that wasn’t from yard sales. I actually forgot to take a picture of the things I found at yard sales on Friday. That’s okay. There’s more summer to come. And the yard sale season is just only slowly starting out here in the unpredictable PNW.
But the main item that I picked up at a yard sale on Friday that I wanted to share was this bowl:

After looking around on the internet and not finding this bowl under Finel, I sent the picture over to the helpful folks on Twitter (using #thriftbreak). Got an immediate answer that YES this is Finel. (Arabia of Finland) Several more chimed in that they agreed and that it was a rare pattern.
I was elated and listed the bowl on Etsy. Then one more Twitter user piped up with thoughts on what the bowl has sold for…so I quickly revised my listing and raised the price about $50. Good thing, too…because even at the newer higher price, the bowl was quickly snatched up that evening. Gotta love the quick flip.
So the rest of the items were found at a thrift store last night.

These cute little egg cups were marked Norway 222 so I brought them home. The third one actually had another mark that I eventually made out to read Stavangerflint.

A couple chalkware plaques with a Dutch boy and girl motif. Too cute to pass up.

And another iconic stoneware figurine couple. I love these figurines and have a bit of a collection of my own. Its hard to keep track who makes what, (UCTCI, Fitz and Floyd, Takahashi, etc…) so it was nice to find these with the labels intact.

FF Japan for Fitz and Floyd. Love that balloon!

I told Hubby to convince me that these glasses were not necessary to our inventory, but he thought they were too cool. So we got ’em. He’s the shipping department so who am I to argue?
If any glass peeps want to tell me what they are…feel free! They do have the cursive L, so I at least know they are from Libbey. And textured daisies? I guess I can figure them out. ­čÖé
I forgot to get an upclose of the pitcher in the top picture.
Also by Arabia of Finland but a little more common. I’ve seen this pitcher a bunch of times on Etsy and thrift blogs, but it was fun to find one in person.
At the thrift store, I hadn’t yet gone down the pitcher/butter dish/platter aisle, and as Hubby went down it he asked me if I had been down there. I said no, but it didn’t stop him from holding up the Arabia of Finland cow/bull pitcher and saying “Have you seen this?” It was so hard to say “No I told you I haven’t been down there quick grab it and put it in your cart weren’t you listening to me!!!??” all in one second.
But I managed.
Anywho, it’s the more common brown and has some serious crazing issues, so I’m not sure what it’ll fetch but its a fun piece to have for awhile.
So them’s the highlights.
What did y’all find?
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5 thoughts on “Spoils of Thrift ~ Yard Sale Season is Here!!”

  1. Can't wait to see what else you found. My BF always goes down a different aisle. He's trained to look for "the good stuff". Glad to hear you made made a tiny fortune on your Finel bowl!

  2. Isn't it a thrill to find great stuff and recycle it back into use? I still enjoy the thrill of the hunt – so glad garage sale season is back! Congrats on your finds and sale!

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