Spoils of Thrift ~ The Finds, Oh the Finds!

You know, sometimes it’s either hot or cold in this thriftin’ biz. The last week or so, the finds were so amazing…cheap, plentiful, one of a kind…
I may have to split this up into a couple posts..or just hit the highlights. It started with a few thrifts earlier in the week. I found this mid century Lane coffee table at an insanely good price ($10). It’s perfect for my downstairs..so this baby is a keeper.

Then on Friday we had another yard sale. We had one last week at our own house..and we are too far into the boonies, we tend to not get the traffic we really need. We did move some stuff..but had a lot left over. So we asked a friend who lives in a primo spot in town if we could use his driveway for the day. So Friday we hauled everything over there. Or I should say Hubby did with my MIL’s help. I had kid duty in the early hours. Right when it started Hubby texts me to let me know that our town was having their City Wide yard sales and that I should get out and get shopping! Isn’t he great? And how perfect for our own sale. We had no idea. But traffic was poppin and we sold lots of stuff.

I hit some of the sales. The first one was a yard/estate sale. The stuff was amazing, but I tried to control myself. First of all..this leather tool bag!

Yes, you see it correctly. FULL of tools and hardware. And not just ANY tools….after some poking around and digging, we discovered that they are typewriter repair tools and parts!! Amazing. This was a repairman’s toolbag. So cool. We have our work cut out for us on this one. Identifying and such. 
Here’s a few other goodies from that sale:
Vintage industrial EXIT signs. I got 2 of them.
It always amazes me when I find holy grail vintage items at regular garage sales. I tend to think of them being at estate sales or antique stores and you’re fighting with other people over them. Well, there I was at a regular sale in my little town and I see a Pyrex dish I’m not familiar with. It turned out to be the Tulip promotional casserole (blue) (i don’t have a picture). Anyway. I’m debating that purchase when my eyes travel down the table to this:
Can you believe it? This is a really hard to find pattern of Pyrex. It’s unmarked. But the story about it is in the listing. I have it listed on Etsy in the Retro Shop now. See it here.
Okay, I’m going to stop there. We hit another estate sale yesterday and one more moving sale today and got great stuff at both. Today my 6yo kept telling the lady that it was an American Pickers sale…he scored a little toolbox that he got to fill up with his ‘finds’. He grabbed some good stuff. I have to hold back from stealing from him. 🙂 
Can’t wait to hear what you think of my finds and to see what you all found too!! 
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8 thoughts on “Spoils of Thrift ~ The Finds, Oh the Finds!”

  1. Lots of good stuff. My hubby would love the typewriter repair stuff! The exit signs are really cool. I too found pyrex bowls in a pattern I had never seen before. They call it arches or fishscale.

  2. Love all your finds! The EXIT signs make me drool.

    Glad you found the EYES bowl set (I'm still looking for the small one). Too bad your listing is WAY OUT of my league.

    Hope you find a taker

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