Spoils of Thrift ~ A Thrift Store Confession

Sorry for the silence…I just haven’t had the thrifting mojo lately. I’ve been making some regular stops…but nothing much to write home (or blog) about. I will be getting to another Selling on Etsy post…but things have just gotten crazy around here…so bear with me! I thought I’d just throw another Spoils of Thrift post in here quickly…just so you know I’m still around!

Not much lately at the thrifts. Nothing ‘fun’…if you know what I mean. I have bought some things…but they’ve been more of just the bread and budda type stuff…pays the bills but doesn’t give me that thrill at the thrift…or the joy of having to do research later at home.
But the other night, we found a few goodies.

And I really mean a few. That yellow bowl in the middle was nice…but I have to credit Hubby for that one. It’s an Emalox enamel bowl from Norway. Still has the sticker.

Here’s the funny story. I had been in the ‘metals’ aisle first at Goodwill…Hubby is so nice, he always takes the boys with him (or at least one) so I can thrift unimpeded. Sometimes we switch the kids up..but anywho…he was in a different part of the store with the boys and I was in the aisle where supposedly this bowl was. I was pondering some Norwegian pewter candlesticks (didn’t get them…too dinged up) when I heard a sound in the thrift store that always gets me anxious.

Someone was digging in the flatware.
*MY* flatware. lol
And very thoroughly.

I hate when I hear that sound. What if…what if… they’re finding WMF…or Dansk…or worse… LAUFFER??? Before me??? Ugh.
So here’s my confession. When I hear someone digging in the flatware I go over to their aisle and kind of stand near them. I don’t even look at the flatware…just stand near them looking at other things. The casual flatware shopper will get…I don’t know…nervous? embarrassed? and will soon give up the search and scurry away…leaving me all that stainless goodness.
It works about 80% of the time I would guess.
However, that day, as I rounded the corner of the aisle, I knew it was a lost cause. This shopper was sitting on the floor(!) with flatware spread all around her. Dang it.
Fortunately, I could see that she was just putting together some mismatched set and I could even see that the quality of her choices was not that great. I decided to leave her to it.
So I moved on to the coffee mugs and totally missed this Emalox bowl. So glad the Hubster was with me that day cause he spotted it and handed it over a little bit later when we met up to compare finds.
I redeemed myself at checkout when I looked over the Halloween display table and spotted this little green and copper dish.

Flipped it over and sure enough…

It’s marked “Odel Kobber Norway”. Probably the same owner (or descendant) donated both enamel pieces.
On the way to thrifting that night I mentioned to Hubby that I wanted just one nice find. Just one interesting…sellable…thing…like Arabia of Finland…nothing crazy ‘bucket list’…just a nice solid find. So when I saw this on the shelf I was like…’no way!’

Then I flipped it over and was surprised to see:

Yes. That Melitta. The coffee pot people. I still love that design though. Awesomesauce.
And yes, I made it back to the flatware. The offerings were not so exciting but I still managed to find some vintage wood handled serving pieces. Lovely for Etsy. And a vintage Cutco whisk.

So yes, it’s kind of funny that whole digging in the flatware thing. I never really thought about it taking nerves of (stainless) steel (ha! i crack myself up!) but I guess I can understand it. When someone is digging through the silverware, you can hear it in the whole store. And it attracts people like nobody’s business. And someone inevitably makes a comment.
Now, this is where growing up in NY comes in handy. Cause I just ignore everyone and keep digging. (excuse me I am SHOPPING here…this is a store, not a tea party…I did not come here to TALK).

Anyways…I guess I get chatty when I write at night. Good to know!
Happy hunting!!
Oh and if anyone is curious…I know nothing about the camera. We just buy cool looking ones and stick them in Metal and Tweed. They sell consistently.

And if you’re interested in selling flatware yourself…(i know you just can’t wait to dig into those bins!)…check out my Flippin’ Flatware series…starting here.

6 thoughts on “Spoils of Thrift ~ A Thrift Store Confession”

  1. I dig in the flatware too and make a lot of noise. I don't know what I'm looking for yet. But I got hooked earlier this year when I found my first (and probably only one since) Dansk piece – it was like finding a diamond in all those bins even though it wasn't in excellent condition. And yes – it does attract a lot of people. Once they come I make a fast exit and they usually they leave just as fast. Human nature is so funny.

  2. BTW – I dropped out of college and moved to Manhattan in the 80s for awhile. I developed a Noo Yawker attitude pretty quick – still have it – you tawkin to me – comes in handy when thrifting haha!

  3. My aunt gave me her Arabia of Finland blue cups and saucers to sell. I had no idea how popular it was! I sold each set for $35 plus shipping very quickly. Yay!

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