Some Exciting News!


So this is something new and fun for a change! On this Tuesday, at 5pm PST, I will be the Guest of the Week on Thrifty Business with Jay and Nay!
If you are not aware, Jason Smith (of Thrift Hunters on Spike) has his own fun YouTube show which he co-hosts with Nadene Shearstone, thrifter and eBay seller extraordinaire!

Every week, they discuss thrift store finds and flips, shipping tips, funny stories and MORE. They generally have a guest of the week who approaches this whole ReSelling life from their own unique angle…and this week it’s….yours truly.

So tune in on Tuesday, Nov 22 at 5pm PST / 8pm EST! If you can’t make it that night, never fear! The show will be archived.
You can see the show here:

2 thoughts on “Some Exciting News!”

  1. hey, saw you on the jay and nay show. We have a lot in common! I also do a vintage blog and vintage videos and have been selling on ebay since 1999. I don’t do Etsy though so that was something new. thanks for sharing!

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