Some Days You Eat the Spider, Some Days the Spider Eats You….or What’s Going on Here at the Recycleista’s Lair

   About a year ago, I was visiting my folks and my Mom and Dad got me hooked on a game called Bejeweled. Perhaps you know it? Fairly mindless, time-sucking game app that had me picking up my iPad whenever there was downtime.
   Well, the mode within Bejeweled that I turn to the most is called Butterflies. (shown above).
Basically, you’re trying to free or collect the Butterfly Gems before they make it to the top of the board where they can get eaten by the spider.

   As you can imagine, it takes a bit of strategy, a bit of being 5 different places at once and a measure of priority setting. The Butterfly closest to the top gets all of your attention….the ones at the bottom can wait. 
   And as you can imagine…it can get pretty tense (well not really, it is JUST a game, after all. Real lives are NOT involved, lol). But when there are several Butterflies up in the top row all at once and you have to figure out how to work the gems below to get them to drop down out of harm’s way…and you realize you CAN’T save all of them…..
The spider wins. 
But I know what you’re thinking.
What in tarnation does this have to do with vintage, thrifting or reselling??? 
Well, let me tell you. 
   In the past year or so, I was feeling like I was living in the Butterflies mode of Bejewled.
Some days, even weeks at a time…I’d be fine. It seemed that the amount of attention I was giving to each area of my life was adequate. The jewels lined up correctly and the butterflies would stay down low in the safer area. Things would get covered. 
   Then something would slip…the dishes started piling up or we’d eat too much junky convenience food because I didn’t want to  was too tired to failed to plan what to cook. Those butterflies were inching their way up toward the danger zone.
   Money would get tight so all my attention would go toward listing and selling online. I’d be helping save the life of that Sapphire Blue Butterfly….and while my attention was diverted….the Ruby Red one was inching its way up the other side of the board…and…..CHOMP!! I’d look around and clean laundry (thanks Honey) was in monumental unfolded piles that we had to move off the bed to get in at night. 
   Now I realize there’s no such thing as perfection. Well, some of you are probably more organized than I am…but I will never achieve the Domestic Ideal that I see all over Pinterest.
But I can get better.
And I have to. I’m tired of living like this. Living paycheck to paycheck under a mountain of debt. It’s holding us down, holding us back. In the past, I thought of attacking our debt mountain and even tried starting a blog to make me accountable. But it didn’t last. 
   This time, I’ve started by doing some research. I will plan my attack and I will share the process with you.  
What I will NOT do:
  • Turn this into a couponing/recipe/home organizing blog
  • Stop sharing my vintage/thrifting finds 
  • Stop sharing my tips about online selling

What I MAY do:

  • Look into/work on upgrading this blog….monetizing it a bit more without selling out.
  • Share occasional progress reports of how the debt pulverizing is going
  • Share how thrifitng, online selling, and loving vintage can actually HELP in reducing debt and saving money.

Since this blog post has gone on longer than I imagined I’ll stop here. But more information will be coming shortly! 

How about you? Do you struggle with the balance of everything? What’s your strongest area of organization? What’s your weakest?

10 thoughts on “Some Days You Eat the Spider, Some Days the Spider Eats You….or What’s Going on Here at the Recycleista’s Lair”

  1. I'm so glad you will continue to share your finds and your online selling tips. I'm not sure what it takes to monetize a blog but I would not mind seeing advertising on the side if it helped you out. And yes, life is a balancing act and the older I get, the less I want to put up with. I suffer from paralysis by analysis which is really procrastination's cousin. I also like to take the path of least resistance to relieve the stress in my life. So those dirty dishes in the sink – they can stay there until I'm good and damn well ready to put them in the dishwasher.

    Basically I'm waiting for my aha moment, my epiphany, my tipping point. Until then, I'm living as stress free and as happy go lucky existence as I can. I don't have a lot of debt but I have to reconcile why I spend almost as much on storage (my eBay treasures) every month as I would a small mortgage – that is one thing that does cause me some restless nights. Sometimes I just want to walk away and let them auction it all off.

    This comment is way too long and it's crazy what I will admit on the blogs. We all have "something" crazy going on in our lives. You are not alone dear heart – we are here with you. Let us be your sounding board. Thanks for this brave post!

  2. I LOVE this comment and how much you shared. Thank you so much!
    I think another part of my problem is that we live next door to the inlaws who live a very different life than we do. I'm sure they don't really care, but a dirty kitchen would be the first thing you see when you walk in our house. That makes me uneasy. And having online inventory taking up half my bedroom…no one will see it..but it makes me uneasy.

    If we lived all by ourselves somewhere, I'm sure I'd be much more relaxed.
    But see…those are my own insecurities..and a burden I've put on myself…not necessarily reality.
    But I am NOT domestically inclined and I'm blessed with a hubby who takes up a big part of the slack because he knows I don't like to do it and knows that I work at home too. But there's always a sense of needing to get more organized and doing a bit better. Or else we'll never get anywhere.
    As far as changes to the blog…more about that coming up. I promise not to go crazy and keep things tasteful and subtle.
    Thanks so much for your support!

  3. Great post! I feel the same way sometimes… that everything is going along fine and then all of a sudden it seems overwhelming. Looking forward to seeing more posts!

    Thanks for commenting on my bedroom feature over on Vanessa's blog!


  4. That is a great policy!! Too many times i get a piece of clothing because i like it and it fits okay. Then end up redonating in a year or two after only wearing it a few times.

  5. Sometimes I think you're a younger version of me on the opposite end of the country : ) just for fun, try taking this test to check which side of your brain is more dominant – it could explain a lot! I'm 63% Right Brained "intuitive and spontaneous, preferring to take a much more "hands-on" approach to life. There are times when you may be a little scatter-brained and disorganized, but it's not like you do it on purpose – with so much out there to explore and so many things to do, it can sometimes be hard to keep track of everything!"

    Sound familiar? My kitchen is always a mess too (we cook and eat!) but everybody seem happy to come through our door. And there's lots of "interesting" stuff in our home that "normal" people just don't have – or at least so much of it! My kids have pretty much grown up this way, and they're doing great – yours will too: )

    Happy Sunday!

  6. Wow! thank you! Yes I will try out that test! lol. Sometimes I doubt myself because my house is 'eclectic' and the rest of the world seems to buy things in sets all at once from Pottery Barn. 🙂 My bed is never made. Hubby and I discovered down filled duvets in Germany 10 years ago. Each person gets their own!! And you don't use a sheet. So we haven't had traditional bedsheets in forever. lol
    Thanks so much for the comment. It's fun to find 'kindred' spirits!
    And yes, the boys seem perfectly fine so far.

  7. Okay, so I scored a 58. "Both your right and left hemisphere seem to have reached a level of perfect harmony – rather than trying to dominant each other, they work together to create a unique and well-balanced "you". Your spontaneous, impulsive, and free-flowing right brain creates an exciting and adventurous world, while your left brain helps you make sense of it and keep track of everything"
    This makes sense to me…because I feel inclined toward both sides. Jack of all trades, master of none? lol
    I like the idea of schedules and organization…just not the follow thru of following and implementing.
    In school, I was a rule follower. No rebelliousness. I loved writing and photography…but not the technical parts. But I got equally good grades in math. Understood it all…just didn't enjoy it so much.
    I guess I should look at it like I'm in a nice comfy place! And not worry so much about what people think!

  8. well, I think the test said that YOU were fine and "in perfect harmony" so yes – stop worrying about what anyone else thinks – they're probably a 38:)
    I scored a 63, so I think I'm a little more off the wall – haha. "not one to care or worry about the little details, always the type of person who's willing to go out on a limb, basing your decisions and actions on nothing but a hunch. You are often drawn to the abstract and mysterious, and enjoy figuring things out on your own."
    Love those hunches and all that research:)
    If you like who you are and what you're doing, you're way ahead of most people!

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