Reselling in Turbulent Times

I think I have mentioned before that we were thinking of moving. We recently went on a trip to our moving destination of choice…Montana (see picture above! Hubby took that one on our trip) and things happened very quickly. (This post contains affiliate links. See our full policy page for details)

We have a duplex on hold for us and the idea is to get the keys and officially rent it by April 1st. Yes, THIS April 1st. We returned home with an overwhelming sense of how much work we had to do!!

When we left for that trip…talk of epidemics and viruses was just a murmur. But the whispers grew and in just the week since we’ve gotten home…have become a roar.

6 thoughts on “Reselling in Turbulent Times”

  1. I am also culling the pile of “why did I buy this” and finding “OH, this is cool. Take pics and get it listed.” Best of luck on your upcoming move.

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