The Recycleista Collects….Girls-Holding-Dried-Flowers Figurines. For Lack of a Better Name.

The Recycle-ista Collects ~ Part of the fun of hunting for vintage is what you get to keep!! There’s not much that I collect. I mean, most of what I find becomes inventory and may hang around for a bit. But I don’t really die-hard collect anything. I passed up a mod cat the other day since I don’t need it (turns out I already have it…so phew!). I haven’t really added much to my mod cat collection. It all fits well on the designated shelves so there you go.

But really, part of the fun of hunting for vintage is what you get to keep! And sometimes it surprises you.

My other collection are these vintage pottery/stoneware girl figurines that hold dried flower posies. See? There’s no easy name for them. lol.

Vintage Stoneware FigurinesI’m not sure when I started collecting these girl figurines. I think I picked up a few and sold them on Etsy. I’d find them fairly often and somehow narrowed down to the ones that were girls who were holding small posies of dried flowers. Some just have pots or holes where the dried flower bouquets were long gone.


Most are Japanese stoneware. Some have stickers or marks such as UCTCI or Fitz & Floyd.
I also have a couple from Sweden and one that’s Spanish.


Recently, in our moving around and freshening things up for company, my collection had to get moved. Fortunately I had this awesome little 1940s shelf that also had to get moved so they all ended up together.

I decided to thin the collection a bit and so far I’ve listed two. 🙂
Jie Gantofta Sweden figurineI listed my duplicate Jie Gantofta Sweden one. You can find her here in my Etsy shop. She was awesome because she told me exactly who she was and who designed her with stickers on her back:
DSC_0009I also listed this one that was imported by Knobler. Technically I think she’s a candle holder but…I won’t tell if you won’t.

Knobler Stoneware Girl Figurine See her here on Etsy.

I may continue to thin the herd because sometimes it’s time to change what you collect, right? What will be next? Possibly vintage typewriter tins…something about those just appeals to me….hmm…I will let you know!

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