Random Musings on a Wednesday. It is Wednesday, right?

So I’ve been trying to be good about keeping up with regular postings here on the new site. I have all these ideas…but they either need more research, more photos or just more TIME! to put the whole post together.
I decided today that instead of just staying quiet, I’d throw some random ideas and thoughts and pictures at you just so you know I care. lol.

Random Musings on a Wednesday
Allergies. Ugh. That’s probably all I should say about that. My face is either itchy, running, or swollen or sometimes all three. I really didn’t think my normal allergy medicine did much so I hadn’t been taking it. I think that was a mistake. I started taking it on Sunday and I think by yesterday it was starting to take the edge off everything.
But now I’m wiped out and a bit woozy. I went straight to bed after dinner last night.
Claritin Clear, my foot.

Weather. The allergies mean it’s spring!! And it’s beautiful this week in the PNW. Blue skies and getting up to 70 degrees by tomorrow. It’s still in the 40s at night, so it takes a while to get there but it gets there. That’s the point.

Taxes. Double Ugh. Okay so foggy allergy-brain and taxes do not get along very well. I keep saying I’m going to start…and I did!! I pulled out some receipts. Yay me! Woot!
It’s really not that hard. It’s just that I’m the world’s worst  a pretty bad procrastinator. And I’m not so super organized. So it takes a few solid days of playing catch-up and plugging the numbers in the right places. It’ll get done.

Online reselling. aka work. Sales are fairly steady, both on Ebay and Etsy. I’ve been trying to list steadily so that’s helping. I’m trying to think of anything that’s happened that’s super exciting. Oh, remember this flatware?
DSC_0046I just had a nice order and the buyer bought several of the listings. There’s just a few left. Kind of what I expected to happen. I just thought I’d update you, because I said I would. 🙂

Bragging on the Hubby. I just was looking through Hubby’s Etsy shop (link at top of page) and I was struck again by this photo that he took and I just wanted to show it off.
Argus Slide Viewer

Isn’t it awesome? Lol. Can’t hurt to think outside the box with your photography, right?

What’s coming up.
Well, I started with that beach picture because I think we’re going to try to get away this weekend. We should probably save the money, but I’m kind of itching to get away and Little Man’s spring break starts and our anniversary is coming up…etc..etc… Sometimes you just gotta do it.
We’ll do it economically though. And of course we’ll hit thrift stores!
I’ll share what we find.

Also, next week Etsy is changing the appearance of our stores. You may have heard. I really need to get cracking with a better “About Me” section for all my shops. It’s being more prominently featured. I will do a post on those and the importance of having one. (one of the things I *should* have done, but hadn’t). I also need to work on making a few new banners for the shops because those are changing a bit as well.

Well, I’d better end the rambling. I have a To-Do list a mile long as you can imagine!
Thanks for reading!


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