In Love with the King of Fire

I thought I’d start with a recent find…and recent sale. I’m not sure how tacky it is to boast about prices..buying and selling…so I think I’ll leave those details out. Suffice it to say, I found these great Fire King Restaurantware pieces at a Goodwill Outlet and recently sold them in my Etsy shop. Would’ve kept ’em..but we are living with my folks at the moment. (We’ve recently moved cross country AND are unemployed…so selling my finds is the practical thing to do right now) Space is also at a minimum.

These milk glass beauties have a nice brown scrolly trim. I love the fact that these are grill plates..nice little divided sections so your green bean juice doesn’t drain into your potatoes.

Have you ever been to a Goodwill Outlet store? If you have one nearby, and can go, be ready. Dress in casual, comfortable clothes. Bring gloves if you’re concerned about sanitary conditions. Items are in bins. (Clothing, bags, accessories) You get these huge rolling carts and you start digging. Throw whatever you want into the bin. When you check out they WEIGH your cart, subtract the weight of the cart and you pay per the pound for your items. Usually about $1.67/lb. I once bought a scarf and figured it was free, it was so light.
Our Goodwill Outlet has another room with non-clothing items. They are 50% off. Books I think have set prices for hardcover and softcover.
If you can make it, it’s definitely worth it. Just bring your sneakers and leave the toddler at home!

Welcome to my New Blog

Ok..the idea for this blog has been brewing for awhile…and I’m sure it will still be a work in progress. I have a list of ideas of possible posts swirling around in my brain…maybe it will help to get them out.

  • my thrift store scores
  • crazy/cool/unique things i see at thrift stores/garage sales
  • my flips…things I found and resold at a higher price. Therefore tips for you! Things to keep on the lookout for at thrift stores.
  • thrift store items (TSIs) or found objects… repurposed, reused, renewed either by me or by you or by someone else.
  • when we finally settle into our new it apartment or (please oh please) a house of our own…my adventurings in outfitting it with handmade, second-hand and of course vintage items. How more green can you get than thrift store shopping???
  • cool things other people found at thrift stores

Ok…that helped. I will probably blog about all of it! Please stay posted!