Thrift Store Items to Be On the LookOut For- Part 1

I belong to an amazing Facebook group started by the Ebay Coach called the Stay at Home Moms Selling on Ebay group. Come check us out anytime! We’re a friendly lot. (and we’re not all moms, or even women!)Anyway, a big part of our discussions are what items to look for a thrift stores that … Continue reading “Thrift Store Items to Be On the LookOut For- Part 1”

A Hidden Moneymaker In Your Pantry

I think we’ve all noticed this little logo on various items we’ve purchased. Box Tops for Education. They’re on items like Cheerios, Hamburger Helper and Kleenex. Maybe you’ve been cutting and collecting them for your child’s school. And that’s great. This program helps school get needed items like books and supplies. Each Box Top is … Continue reading “A Hidden Moneymaker In Your Pantry”

Wednesday’s Flip of the Week- Vintage Scuba Gear

I debated writing a blog post about thrift store shopping with your spouse–the rewards and the challenges. Then I realized my story involved a flip…so it became this week’s Wednesday’s Flip of the Week.First I must say, I’m very fortunate my husband LOVES thrift store/yard sale shopping. He never minds stopping at one…in fact sometimes … Continue reading “Wednesday’s Flip of the Week- Vintage Scuba Gear”