Nothing a Trip to the Ocean Won’t Fix….Fighting Analysis Paralysis

There has been SO much going on my little noggin the last couple months. I couldn’t figure out how to sit down and at least get some of it out and into the blog…so I just didn’t. I convinced myself that I needed to list, or clean, or do a hundred other things…

But I realized I just needed to take a break from it all…(this is where the trip to the ocean comes in) and then just come back and start with baby steps. A “finds” post is always an fairly fun and easy one…so here we are.

There was a yearly Antiques and Collectibles show out at the little ocean town that we like to visit. Love when we hit it on the right weekend! I didn’t spend as much time there as I could have…I know you understand. But I was shopping with guys and they were done sooner than me. 🙂

What I did find was pretty nice. Honestly…I am REALLY trying to get away from breakables and bigger items and stick with a few niches. We are planning a move this summer and I need to SELL that stuff…not move it with me. So I dug around in the jewelry. I’ve been happy with this new niche of mine and my Mod Cat Treasures shop on Etsy has had some modest success. I’m sure if I listed more, I’d sell more of course.

Shopping a show like this is a bit different than regular thrifting. I wish I had taken pictures. It’s a small show…not intimidating at all. Some vendors had retail prices on their jewelry…others had bins with things in baggies and priced at $3, $5, $7 and higher. Honestly, not much more than Value Village actually. Plus here you can bargain and ask for better prices like at a flea market or yard sale.

I found this fun atomic wood and copper brooch.

DSC_0022 (1)

Boomerang Copper and Wood Brooch

Also, these super cute coffee cup earrings. I was surprised they were by Sarah Coventry. They’re called Coffee Break and I sold them very quickly to a collector in a Facebook group.

DSC_0038But here are my two major scores. I paid a bit more for them…but I could tell they were something!

DSC_0065 (2)
So the one on the left caught my eye first as amazingly awesome (lol, that’s the official designation) but it is unsigned. The one on the right was from the same seller and I could see a tiny copyright symbol and a name. Hubby was able to make out “Napier” by snapping a picture with his phone and enlarging it.
That told me enough. I asked the prices….then asked for a deal if I bought both.
They agreed and these fabulous pieces were mine!
DSC_0063I started on the Napier one and used its Egyptian appearance to quickly find out that this necklace was part of Napier’s “Egyptian Collection” from 1971. The designer was Eugene Bertolli. It really is massive. I found comps that had sold from $265-$425.

Still need to do some research on it before I list it, but it will be up for sale soon. I’m also hunting down the other unsigned one. I don’t expect to find a maker…but I am working on figuring out good keywords for it.

See, writing that wasn’t so hard. I had more to say but this is long enough. I’ll make a separate post soon about a new sourcing spot I found. Take care and thanks for your patience!


2 thoughts on “Nothing a Trip to the Ocean Won’t Fix….Fighting Analysis Paralysis”

  1. Hi There,
    The necklace on the left reminds me of dahlias flowers. You might be able to attract more buyers if you include that descriptor as well. The petals of the flower fold inward similarly to the design of the pendent. Although, I wouldn’t say that was its intended design.

    1. Hi! thanks for your comment! I had put chrysanthemum in my listing…but i definitely see dahlia! I will update.

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