My Top 5 Vintage Finds of 2015

Well, at least its still January! Been wanting to do this recap all month.
You can read about last year’s finds here.
So, in no particular order here are my top 5 vintage finds from the last year.

1. I can’t do this list without including something made out of one of my favorite materials: Bakelite!
Remember these super cute salt and pepper shakers?

Art Deco Salt and Pepper Shakers

They are still listed on Etsy, but my price is fairly high. That’s how I know that I deep down don’t really want to sell them!

2. The next find was only a few weeks months (wow time flies!) ago but both bowls sold already. Yes, I could have kept them. But I don’t feel any remorse, so that’s a sign I really didn’t need them, correct??

Fire King Polka Dot Splash Proof Bowls

3. And it wouldn’t be a Recycleista post with some flatware, right?

Oneida Heirloom Shelley stainless flatware
This flatware was da bomb and it made me close to $300. Just a dent in the whole wisdom teeth bill…but I don’t want to think about that…so you’ll have to read the story for yourself
4. This was one of the few items I ran at auction on Ebay last year. Most of my vintage finds do go onto Etsy but every once in awhile I go for Ebay and auction format…just for fun and to shake things up a bit. This was just hanging with the rest of the ties at Value Village and I near about fell over.
Always the sign of a good find!! 
Salvador Dali necktie. 
This tie was entitled “Symphonic Fountain” and sold at auction for $192.50. 
Okay I said ‘no particular order’…but I did save the best for last.
Do you remember what it was?
It truly was a heart stopping moment at the thrift store. 
Here’s the full story. Cue the harp music and angelic chorus….
The Olivetti Valentine S portable typewriter.
No. I have not listed it yet.
I am hoarding it. I admit it. 
One thing I realized as I was putting this together…finding 5 items that really stood out was HARD. 
I’ve come to the conclusion I’m not thrifting enough! 🙂 
What were your top finds!! Please share!

8 thoughts on “My Top 5 Vintage Finds of 2015”

  1. That Olivetti makes my heart skip a beat! Don't blame you one bit for hoarding it – I would do the same! 😉 Love the other finds, too – those polka dot bowls are so cute! I admire your willpower! Haha!

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