My Thrifting Bucket List Revisted….Again!

Every once in awhile here on the blog, I like to go through my thrifting bucket list. This is a list of items I’d like to find out in the wild while thrifting, be it a thrift store, yard sale, estate sale. Somewhere where I’m the picker!

Do you have a list of items you'd like to find sometime while you're out on the hunt? Be it at a thrift store, a yard sale or an estate sale? I have a running list in my head and you can read about it here!

They are items that are fairly valuable, harder to find…but I’d like to think not impossible.
I was looking at some of my older posts about them, but since they were done while on the other blog platform, the posts didn’t migrate over here very nicely.
So I thought I’d redo my list and add the updates! Some items I’ve found, some have remained elusive. And I’ve added new items to the list.

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cathrineholmPhoto cred: No Pattern Required


Anything in the Lotus pattern. I have found various pieces of Cathrineholm that were just solid colors. I’ll still take them…but I don’t get the same thrill I think I’ll get (like collapsing on the ground or hyperventilating. Or both.) when I finally spot some Lotus out in the wild.
Out in the wild is important because I have bought and sold some Cathrineholm Lotus before. I bought some from another reseller who didn’t deal much in MCM. I purchased it off Instagram and resold it in my Etsy shop at a small markup.
Sometimes it’s just nice to have the traffic drawers in your shop. Of course, it didn’t last long because this stuff is wildly popular.

JereCurtis Jere wall hangingĀ 
If you’re a long time reader of this blog, you’ll remember that I found one of these! I’ll take another though. Not to be greedy or anything. šŸ™‚ You can read the story here.


Dansk flatware in the Fjord pattern
I had debated adding this one in theĀ earlier post because I actually HAVE thrifted Dansk Fjord flatwareĀ before.Ā It was in a baggie at Goodwill in the hardware section. Hubby said he picked it up and looked at it, then put it down. I found it a few minutes later, saw the IHQ mark and grabbed it. It was years ago, before I knew anything about anything. Fortunately we put it on auction and it did pretty well. Now that I know flatware and could do betterā€¦I want to find it again.
I would take some Russel Wright flatware too. A reader on one of the earlier posts reminded me of that one.

Pendleton Navajo blanket jacket
I’d probably change this one to Pendleton blanket anything. A jacket, a blanket itself would be great. And vintage would be sweet! The closest I’ve gotten is this coffee mug. And I have memory of a purse once too….but not vintage.


Vintage Polo Ralph Lauren sport themed jacket or sweatshirt.Ā Or the teddy bear sweater. See what I mean?
Fullscreen capture 4252016 44508 PM


dansk-pepper-millsPhoto cred: Kitka

Dansk peppermill.
I must admit. This one I’ve really been on the hunt for lately. For some reason, I feel likeĀ a Dansk peppermillĀ is the next item on my bucket list that I will find. Don’t ask me why. It just feels possible.

Then there were a few items that weren’t on my original list but should have been, or were added later and then found.
Big E LevisĀ Found these and you can read the post here.
Finel enamel bowls. I’ve actually found 2 of these!
Olivetti Valentine typewriter. Heartstopping moment. And no, I haven’t resold it yet. Lol.

I’d also like to find some Georg Jensen sterling modernist jewelry, some Zoo Line Animal Figurines by Kay Bojesen, some Acapulco dinnerware by Villeroy & Boch and the Diane Von Furstenberg wrap dress sewing pattern by Vogue. I’d also die to find the Pyrex Friendship lasagna pan…and I’d keep it!!

So, how about you? Do you have a “Bucket List”? What vintage items are your unicorns?

Feel free to follow my Pinterest Bucket List board to see examples as well as see what new items get added!

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10 thoughts on “My Thrifting Bucket List Revisted….Again!”

    1. Please do link back! I’d love to see the list! Seeing other people’s lists sometimes makes my list longer too!!

  1. Ohhhh – the Acapulco dinnerware by Villeroy & Boch – I love love love that pattern! There was a dealer in my antique mall (where I have my very neglected booth) who had a set of about 50 or so pieces (I know, right!) including a teapot and a soup tureen. Several of us other dealers were all admiring the set when the owner of that booth walked over and said she would sell the whole set for $300 – a steal! No one in our group indicated any excitement so I wasn’t worried about getting it right away. By the time I came back to buy it the next day – poof – someone beat me to it. I was heartbroken. I’m not sure if it was one of the vendors in our group (I haven’t seen it for resale in any of the booths) but whoever bought it got a great collection. That is one set I would keep and never sell.

    I will also mow down other pickers if I see pink or turquoise Pyrex. I would love to find my Dawn doll like the one my third grade teacher Mrs. Williams STOLE from me (beotch – I hope you rot in hell). My friend and I were playing with our Dawn dolls at lunch time – it wasn’t like we were doing it during class. They were supposed to give back anything they confiscated back to students at the end of the year – she never did. I only got to play with her for a day!

    I would also love to find an original wood library card catalog with a zillion drawers. For some stupid reason, I’m jonesing on Martha Stewart large copper cookie cutters. And finally (this is way too specific), I would love to find my 67 electric blue Camaro with cherry bombers that I sold back in the 80s for the grand sum of $1,000 because it was getting too hard for me to maintain (I had an 85 Camaro to fall back on). I think it went to good hands – the two guys who picked it up literally scraped up the $1,000 – even gave me a few rolls of pennies! It purred like a tiger, had the most beautiful curves and was often challenged to races on the street.

    Sorry – this was sooo long – just couldn’t stop typing : )

    1. Oh my..thank you for sharing! Do you have a blog? I would SO read everything you write!! I can totally agree on the card catalog. The library where I grew up had an awesome one…I wonder where it went…And I do usually check any copper cookie cutters i see, but never find MS. Of course, I’d resell them…’cuz my skilz in the kitchen are worse than my time management ones!!

      1. You are so sweet. I would have banned me for taking up so much space on your blog. I apologize again – I really didn’t mean to leave such a long comment – I think I may have broken a blogging rule – comment can’t be longer than the post!

        I would LOVE to write my own – I probably need to. I source every other day, run into crazy situations, and have opinions so I would definitely have content. I would want to produce a consistent blog and I think I wouldn’t be committed enough to do it. Maybe one day. And I’ll stop right there before I go on and on again. Thanks for a great blog – wonderful content!

  2. Instead of a list, allow me to share a sad tale…
    Years ago (20 or more) I walked into a thrift store in Denver and spied a George Nelson Cigar lamp on one of the high shelves in housewares at the back of the store…I made a beeline for it! I was maybe 8 feet away from victory when a hand reached up and grabbed it! I followed that woman around the store hoping she’d reject it, but no dice. The lamp left the store without me.
    I try to tell myself it was all smoke stained and stinky, but it doesn’t help.

    1. Awww….the ones that got away…I think I need to make a new post!!! I hate when that happens! Of course, it’s also fun to be the winner in those cases…having someone stalk you through the thrift store means you scored!!

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