Move It Out Monday….On a Tuesday!!

Move It Out Monday! The stories of an online reseller with an inventory backlog. Think PILES! And her adventures and attempts to reduce them!

No, you’re not going crazy. Today really is Tuesday. It reminds me of the Lego movie (I can’t count how many times I’ve seen it) where Lucy cries “Today will not be known as Taco Tuesday. It will be known as Freedom Friday….but still on a Tuesday!!!”


I have a backlog of inventory. I’ll admit it. I have discussed it here on the blog many times. I’m one of THOSE online thrifting resellers. Yes…the shopping is more fun than the listing. The more you learn and the more experience you get, the more you know you can flip. You go to the thrift store and easily find 10, 20 or more items to sell.

And I don’t know about you and where you live, but there are at least 10 thrift stores within 30 minutes of me and double or triple that within an hour. I have good intentions of staying out of the thrifts but there is one right NEXT DOOR to my grocery store. And I need those mileage deductions! Just sayin’.

But really, I AM doing better about the amount of new items I bring home. And I list those items right away. What I am working on now is making sure to grab a few items from my older bins and get those listed as well.

Last Friday, after I was starting to feel better after a nasty head cold, I dove into an older bin and pulled out some stuff I’ve had a little too long.

Vintage items to sell on Etsy. Part of my online selling backlog!

What is wrong with me??? This is cool stuff! I did get a few of the items listed over the weekend. (This post does contain affiliate links)

Tartlet Tins Made in Sweden

Tartlet Tins Made in Sweden

O & EG Royal Austria Open Salts

O & EG Royal Austria Open Salts

Bright Green Pocket Photo Album

Bright Green Pocket Photo Album

West Germany Pocket Watch Manicure Kit

Novelty Pocket Watch Manicure Set, Made in W. Germany

Love that last one. So did my 9 year old. I think he wanted to keep it. I asked him for pricing advice and he was quite ambitious. 🙂

Today I hope to get the last few items listed. The plastic fish trivet by Dansk is a fun favorite and the German language Edgar Allan Poe paperback book is pretty unique!

Along the same vein, I’ve been digging into my flatware stashes as well. I know I’ve got money just sitting there and it’s doing me no good!
Case in point:


These two salad forks. I also have a dinner fork in this pattern. They are by Farberware and the pattern is called Seaside. Farberware is one of those brands that I don’t find very often and I was confused. These were part of a stainless flatware lot I bought awhile back. I think I had Farberware and Cuisinart mixed up in my mind. Anywho, its hard to explain my thought processes.
I am at the point where I need to just start selling items in bigger lots. So as I’m going through my flatware, I’m pulling out stuff that is just not worth listing by itself (to me, at this point in my life) but is still in good condition. These will go on Ebay in a large lot.
I was about to toss these forks into that lot but I decided to stop and do some general research on Farberware flatware. I came across this pattern and I was shocked at what the salad forks were going for.
I have these 2 forks listed together on Ebay for 59.99 and the dinner fork for 29.99. Crazy. And they were just sitting there in a box in my storage.
Shame on me!!

So that’s where I’m at. What about you? Do you list as soon as you acquire inventory? Are you slow like me?  It would be fun to do some kind of challenge, maybe in November…something about number of older items listed and how much money we make from them. Money in the closet or Shopping the Stash or something like that. Anybody in?

9 thoughts on “Move It Out Monday….On a Tuesday!!”

  1. What you resellers find is amazing – for as much thrift shopping as I do (3-5 stores a week), I rarely find anything for resale. I have tried reselling vintage clothing (but priced it all too high) and used textbooks (the online resellers have the edge). Course, I have to admit I keep all of the original artwork I do find.

    1. So you like thrifting just for thrifting’s sake! 🙂 I do love shopping the stores and wondering what treasures there are to be found. I do find things for myself and family of course…but most of it is slated for resale. Or…i keep for awhile and then move it on.

  2. Like you, I have bins and bins. I’ve started to be more selective, and TRY to list right away. Pulling out old items is almost like Christmas. I’ve currently set a goal for myself of listing 5-6 items a day at least 4-5 days a week. I also have a full time computer job, so right now, this is an achievable goal. I’d be up for a November challenge!

    1. Yes…thrifting in your own bins is fun! I’m like, “ooh..I forgot all about THAT! How cool!”….lol. Details to follow on the challenge!

  3. I am one of THOSE as well 😉 Absolutely LOVE the hunt. Could do it all day long (I have come close) but LOATHE the pics/listing. I have piles and bins everywhere. Like you, I know good and well I have great stuff in them! I have been trying to do your method lately. List most recent but dig out some older stuff too. Honestly, there is so much I don’t feel like I’ve even made a dent in it all. Just going to keep at it. I would definitely be interested in the challenge.

    1. Yes…it’s the feeling like you’re making headway that’s the challenge! I start thinking about it…really thinking about it and I get overwhelmed and want to go to bed and read a book, lol. Trying to work on that. Glad I’m not alone and will let you know about the challenge!

  4. Wow! It would be so nice to have that many thrift stores so close! We mainly have a Goodwill and if something is worth anything then they hike the price up! I’m going to have to do better about going there a few times a week though as the yard sales are about done! I do have quite a bit of backlog myself so I’d be up for a challenge too! ~~Pam

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