Mid Century Monday ~ WMF Cromargan

Another Edition of Mid Century Monday. This week features WMF Cromargan and their history.

Welcome to another edition of Mid Century Monday!
Today we’re going to delve in for a few minutes and examine a company that for some, epitomizes Mid Century sleekness and minimalism.
WMF Cromargan.

WMF Cromargan Stainless Egg Cups

WMF Cromargan Domus Stainless Ladle

First of all, let’s clear up what WMF stands for and what it does NOT stand for. Sometimes you’ll see a listing that mentions “William Fraser”. This is not what WMF stands for.
**As a heads up, if you’re a flatware seller or researcher and have purchased the Stainless Flatware Guide and would like to look at WMF flatware patterns…they are filed under “William Fraser”.
Hope they change that someday. However, the website, Replacements.com, who is the publisher for the above mentioned guide, just uses “WMF” in their online reference guide. Phew.

So..what does WMF stand for?

It actually stands for Württembergische Metallwarenfabrik. Well, no wonder that people like “William Fraser” better!
The company that would become WMF was founded in 1853 . After a few changes in partners and other mergers…the company started going by the name Württembergische Metallwarenfabrik in 1880. They grew to be a significant producer and exporter of household metal and tableware. They leaned heavily toward the Art Nouveau style.

After losing some ground at the end of the Second World War, WMF slowly rebuilt and focused on their retail networks. Influenced by the modern and minimal style of the later 1950s, emphasis was soon turned from silverplated items to the trademarked Cromargan cutlery and hollowware. Wilhelm Wagenfeld was a major design contributor.

Edit: I wrote this last night and then woke up this morning and my first thought was what I left out of this post! It was why the name Fraser is associated with WMF. It wasn’t just pulled out of thin air. Fraser’s Ltd of New York was a retail outlet founded by Gordon Freeman Fraser and after WWII, they were a distributor for some WMF stainless products. Items from that time may be marked ‘Fraser’s WMF’ on the box. 

Let’s take a few moments to revel in WMF Cromargan designs. 🙂

WMF Divided Dish by Modern Throwback on Etsy WMF Cromargan Divided Serving Platter by MODern Throwback on Etsy

WMF Cromargan Bowl by luola on Etsy

WMF Cromargan bowl by luola on Etsy

WMF Sardine Server by COOLLECT on Etsy

WMF Cromargan Sardine Server by Coollect on Etsy

Well, we could go on forever with these awesome designs. You may remember from last Friday’s post, that I had a salad bowl to get listed. Well I finally did that. Still haven’t redone the photos. We’ll see how it does.

WMF Cromargan flatware and hollowware is one of my favorite brands to find while I’m on the vintage hunt.  How about you? Have you found any? Do you own any pieces of WMF Cromargan that you want to brag on?
Feel free to leave a comment below!

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