LISTING CHALLENGE ~ Week Three ~ Turn that Stash Into Cash!


Well, well. That was quite a week! I accomplished close to NOTHING with my goals. Oh well.

Shake it off.

I did get one listing done that I had been putting off because it was clothing and I didn’t want to figure out how and where to take the picture. I just put on my big girl panties and got ‘er done!

dsc_0001I’m not thrilled with photos, but they are done and this his and hers set is listed!

I can’t even remember what else I listed last week but I don’t think it was much. I never got around to the item I was thinking of last week that I’ve been putting off…besides the clothing item up above. No motivation and my health wasn’t cooperating. Plus it was a short week as we went out of town on Friday.

Hope you all made out better than I did!

So moving forward! Let’s talk about goals this week! I’m already a bit behind as you can see by the fact this is coming out on Tuesday!

Your CHALLENGE for this week:

LOT THINGS UP! Okay, so as you’re going through your older stash items you may come across things that were not so exciting to list on their own and so they got set aside. Or they were not really as valuable as you thought they’d be. Or maybe your minimum list price has gone up since you started thrifting and reselling. Or some items have damage that you didn’t see originally.
If you can find logical ways to lot them up, do it!
For example, damaged silverplate flatware can be gathered up in a “craft” lot. Ditto for broken jewelry.

I’ll give you another example. Years back I was into vintage buttons. I bought big lots and would sift through them. Very therapeutic. I sold smaller groups of them or sometimes single ones! It was fun. I still sell buttons here and there but not like I used to. Lost interest in the niche I guess. I may just go ahead and make lots again. Just to clear some space.
Here’s hoping I don’t get all into the niche again when I’m looking through those buttons!! lol

Here’s another example: Junk drawer lots! Yes, it’s a thing! All those little odds and ends and bits and bobs that you haven’t brought yourself to throw out….lot ’em up! Sell ’em!

So that’s your CHALLENGE for the week. Of course…keep up that ratio of 1 old stash item for every 1 new item…or 2 to 1 would be even better.

Pull out another item you’ve been PROCRASTINATING on!

And keep a handle on that thrifting! You’ll see progress…I promise!

Share your progress in the comments below and / or on Facebook!

4 thoughts on “LISTING CHALLENGE ~ Week Three ~ Turn that Stash Into Cash!”

  1. Yep…your week sounds just like mine! Health stuff…life stuff..etc…Did not nearly get done all I had planned on. I had many good sales. Several were items that had been listed forever. Happy to get them out =) Great idea on the junk drawer lots. I have actually listed one of those long ago and it did pretty well. I have lots of ridiculous little things stuffed in drawers! Hope you are feeling better and get a lot done this week. I’m going to dust myself off and get back at it too!

    1. Glad I’m not alone! I got some pictures taken yesterday. I did actually thrift a bit this weekend while I was away so I want to deal with those items right I grabbed some stash items to go with them.

  2. Well I kinda feel by the wayside on this project. But, today is a new day! I plan on cleaning up two very cool 1950’s suitcases that I found on the side of the road at least a year ago. They need a new home and hopefully someone on ebay will give them one. I also have piles of stuff from the church sale that need listing, and many winter coats. I hope I can make a dent in the pile. If I don’t there will be nowhere for anyone to sit at Thanksgiving dinner!

    1. It’s probably a hard month to do this type of challenge…but what month isn’t busy anymore! My month was full of distractions as well!

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