Listing Challenge 2017 ~ Turn That Stash Into Cash!


There is just something about November.

I’ve been feeling a bit overwhelmed. I have great things to list. But I keep buying more. I still have a backlog behind all the great RECENT stuff I found. I need to stop adding to the pile until I get more listed and sold. Which means LESS thrift store shopping. No, honestly, it should mean NO thrift store shopping. Ugh. So sad.

I started thinking about a challenge. A no (or less) thrift challenge. A listing challenge. With definite goals and projects. I went back in my blog to the last Listing Challenge I did…it was a year ago in November!! That blog post could be THIS blog post. Oh how things haven’t changed.

See? There is just something about November.

So, are you with me? Are you ready to turn that stash into cash? Remember, it can’t sell if it’s not listed.
So let’s dig into those boxes and bins and Rubbermaid totes. Find the bottom of that “death pile” and pull out a winner.

So here are my particular goals for this first week.

~ Shop my stash. Much like last year, I’ll be focusing on getting older items listed as well as the newer-ish stuff I’ve brought in. So for every one newer item…I will pull out TWO old “stash” items and get them listed too. I remember sometimes when you dig deep, you get surprised at what you find. It’s like thrifting all over again! I will thrift in my own bins which will help me with my second goal:

~ No thrifting this week. Gulp. Okay, I’m not sure how I’ll handle the fact that I have to return an item to a thrift store that I bought last week. I’ll double check how long I have and see if I can put it off ’til next week.

These are my two goals for this week. Feel free to use them as well, or find your own challenges that fit your situation. But try to push yourself a bit.

Let’s run this first week’s challenge from today, Wed Nov 1 until next Tuesday, Nov 7.

Comment below if you are up for the challenge!! You can also follow the action on my page on Facebook where I will share updates, photos and possibly a video or two!

12 thoughts on “Listing Challenge 2017 ~ Turn That Stash Into Cash!”

  1. I am forever in this predicament so last week I just hired someone to list for me. There was no way I was gonna curb my thrifting.

    1. LOL. That is one way to handle it! The most I can hope for right now is that Hubby said he’ll start listing again too. 😉

  2. I have to shop on Saturday!!! But after that I am DONE! I pledge to list all the stuff, to stop second guessing when I get it home! If I thought it was cool in the Flea Market field, in the basement, or in the attic (LOL) then so will someone else

    1. It’s true…sometimes I stop myself at the thrift and think. “ CAN sell this, but do you WANT to? Do you want to clean it up, etc…” Sometimes it works. lol. Carrying the excitement of the find over to the listing process is the tricky part.

    1. Ugh! Tell me about it. I think I’m going to focus on some larger items first…the jewelry and sewing patterns will always be there! lol

  3. I really appreciate this blog! I was out of town so I just saw this today and feel so motivated. I have so much stuff and it has gotten out of hand! I had a roomful and then Christmas came – last year. I bought a trailer to store it all and had a nice clean room for my son to sleep in and then he left and slowly it starting filling up again! And the trailer stuff never even got touched! I again have a room with a pathway to my work desk and an overstuffed garage. It’s depressing and overwhelming. This post is motivating to me and I started a bag of donations, I have some cup holders I bought so that I could get my cups off the shelving and getting those up and the cups listed will be so liberating! That will help with a small corner of STUFF. I have got to stay out of thrift stores! I have plenty to shop in my own house!

    1. Thank you so much for your comment! It’s motivating to me to know I can help a little bit! Yes..sometimes it can get SO overwhelming. I get into the mode of just listing the newest “fun” stuff and everything else starts piling up. Controlling shopping is really hard. But I’ve determined I still have to go…but I really try really hard to limit what i buy. I try to picture listing it and if it would be worth it…I’ve controlled myself a lot by doing that. 🙂

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