June Update: Road Trip Picking and What’s Been Selling?

So I didn’t really want to just throw another thrifting haul post out here because the last time I was here…it was a haul post and we talked about the Profit Pile dilemma. But sometimes when I haven’t blogged for a bit, it’s the fastest way to ease back in.

But I’ll change it up a bit and share a bit of what’s been selling as well.

So in May, our little family went on a road trip to visit family and friends. We were gone for about 16 days. We traveled from Washington to Montana, down to Moab, UT and back home again through Idaho and Oregon. Of course we did some thrifting along the way. 😉

I did try to control myself a bit. lol. Some thrift stores I went in and didn’t buy anything. I went to Goodwills, a few smaller thrifts in Montana and Utah, a Savers (first time for me! I usually go to Value Village – I know, I know, same store) and a couple Idaho Youth Ranch thrifts. I also shopped in an antique mall and a private vintage dealer that my MIL is friends with.

It’s a fun side aspect of road trips. Hubby doesn’t mind and my boys are troopers. They get to hit different driving ranges (FORE!!) and I get to hit the thrift stores. It all works out.

I’d like to say I have all of the stuff above listed….but I don’t. Eh…profit piles?? What did I tell you? The awesome Branchell plastic handled flatware is listed on Etsy and so are the Oster beehive blender recipe books. The Taylor & Ng mug I think turned out to be current, not vintage so I popped it on Ebay. The whimsical wooden egg cups are listed but I haven’t gotten to the Irmi nursery switch plate covers or the Bakelite handled cake breakers.

Not shown are the many, many sewing patterns I seemed to have come across in every thrift store I went into. lol. Just what I needed…but some were hard to resist. Like this one:

I have been making a concerted effort to load up my shops with my niches. I have loads and loads of patterns and I seem to come across good ones fairly regularly. But they can’t sell if they’re not listed. So I’m trying something kind of new for me…it’s called “working hard”. ROFL. I crack myself up.

What I’m doing is actually thinking ahead about what I want to list. I normally give in to my short attention span and just grab some random items that either I just bought or that are in plain sight. I love research and so that part can slow me down.

So yesterday I grabbed about 20 patterns that were all the same brand, the same type and generally the same sizes. So I listed all Vogues, all dresses and then grouped them by size and photographed them in that order. I took all my photos, edited the photos all at once and then sat down and pounded out half the patterns last night and the other half this morning before the kids got up.

This has been recommended for YEARS by seasoned resellers but I always found excuses. I do 5 coffee mugs and I’m like….*yawn*. But I have to stop thinking and just start listing! Otherwise I will never make a dent in my pattern/flatware/jewelry backlogs. Today I pulled out some flatware and when my kiddos are done with their school work, I’ll take a bunch of pictures.

And I did sell one of the patterns I listed already! It was this one:

I may have been able to squeeze a few more bucks out of that one but I was still balancing research time vs listing time. And I ended up selling another pattern today for $25 so that was good.

Flatware sales have been doing pretty well also. Once I opened my shops back up after vacation, it seems I sold a ton of flatware! I realized my shops’ inventory was getting low. The slower selling soup spoons and knives are what I mostly have left. So I was happy on our trip to come across a set of Oneida Mansion Hall flatware that I could piece out. I paid up for it…paid about $54 for the set but I’ve sold $135 worth so far.

I also scored some dinner forks and teaspoons by Oneida in the Clarette pattern and I’ve sold about half already.

I also wanted to update you on a couple sales from the anniversary trip thrift haul in my last post. I ended up taking an offer for $40 for the Paragon cup and saucer. It was after our trip and I wanted sales! Had to fill up the coffers!

Also, the Totem serving spoon from that last haul sold pretty quickly for $24.99.

To wrap this up, I just want to mention a couple other things I found on my road trip. These weren’t vintage or even in my niches but they are something I keep an eye out for. Blank media. You might even say, blank obsolete media. There is still a demand for it. These microcassettes (for voice recorders and answering machines) and Sony MiniDiscs sold within 24 hours of listing them, for $28.99 and 49.99. Always worth double checking!

Well, I’d better get back to work! How has your Spring been going for reselling? Staying busy? Lots of yard sales to hit? Feel free to comment below!

12 thoughts on “June Update: Road Trip Picking and What’s Been Selling?”

  1. I know that listing like items at the same time is faster but only rarely do I have a bunch of similar items so I fall to the grab a few random things and list them method. I am definitely not tight enough in a niche or two or three.

    1. I know personally, I’m not organized which is why I don’t do the list like items more often. My inventory is too scattered. So like flatware…I’m listing one pattern and I’m thinking…I bet I have more of this around here somewhere…Hubby really wants to help me organize it…now to just find the time for him to do it! lol

  2. I am having the worst time getting listings done. eBay sales are way down from last year, but I know that’s because I can barely get myself to list 1 thing a day and I’ve dropped from 900+ to 500+ listings. I also think I have too many baskets — and too many eggs. Literally 1,000 unlisted items with patterns, buttons, flatware and dishes leading the pack. Selling on eBay, etsy, Instagram and just opened a booth. Been concentrating more on IG and the booth lately so my bread-and-butter eBay sales have suffered. I need to stop buying, but it’s hard when it’s sale season.

    1. Such a familiar story! I go back and forth between just throwing everything in one big vintage store on Etsy…or keeping the separate niche stores. My unlisted can be overwhelming…all my niches are at a point I need to just gather everything together and see what needs to be lotted up or garage sale-ed or donated. It’s a ton of work though!

  3. Had to LOL at your “working hard” part….I seem to have the same problem! I try but then I get so many interruptions during the day and I can’t seem to stay on track! I set the goal for June to list 5 things a day on eBay and have drafts written up ahead so that if I have a busy day I can just go to my drafts and finish listing them….today is the 12th and so far I have only listed 19 things! Only one day I hit 5! I need help! 🙂 Love reading your posts! ~~Pam

    1. Oh my…it’s so hard! I’ve thought about doing the drafts thing too..I know it’s smart but I think I’ve only done it once! lol

    1. oh but it’s SOOOOOO worth it!! lol. I almost need a new one, mine is so dog-eared. It is so fast for IDing patterns…as long as it’s an older pattern.

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