I’ve Seen the Light!

There’s always a story.
So I have another one. I know, I know, I just told you the Jere sculpture story. But this blog IS called Adventures in Thrifting. And I have another story.
So after finding the Jere on Monday…the fam and I were pretty much home with colds the rest of the week.
Finally on Friday night I ran out to get some groceries and take my quick scan through Goodwill. Cuz…it’s right next to the grocery store. Right.
Anyway, I did my route through the store…clockwise this time, since that’s how the mood hit me. And I wasn’t finding much of anything.
Then I came to the lighting/lamps section. I usually check it, even though I’ve only ever sold 2 or 3 lamps…cute little desk gooseneck ones. I have a bunch I need to list (I know, same old story) but I look anyway.
First off I see the lamp up above. Now, I’m not an Italian Pottery expert. I’m not even an amateur. But I read blogs! (Remember, a Thrifting Education!!) And so the name “Bitossi” popped into my head when I saw this lamp. It was wedged pretty hard into the shelf, so I wrangled it around looking for a mark or something. Nothing.
It was cool.
I knew I could sell it…Bitossi or not.
But it’s huge. About 3 feet high.
And Hubby had just said “I hate shipping! I hate these big, awkward packages”. Okay, maybe those weren’t the exact words, but that was the gist.
So I put the lamp back.
Then I saw this one:

Holy crazy cool lamp Batman! Cool in a weird, that’s-gotta-be-something kinda way. So I start looking it all over…and a lady strolls up and says “Oh I saw that last time I was here. It’s something else, isn’t it?” Meanwhile, having learned my lesson with the Jere…I really start looking it over. I wanted to find another Jere signature so badly!! Nothing.
Oh well. I snap some pictures of the two lamps and go on my way. I find absolutely nothing, go about my errands and head home.
Later that night I’m showing my husband the pics on my phone, and I decide to pop them on Twitter and ask the #thriftbreak folks what they think. Lots of knowledgeable mid-century peeps on there!
Almost immediately I get a response. Referring to the brass one, I get “Oh that’s a Laurel. I hope you got it”. And for the other one “probably a Bitossi. Cool color. I hope you got it”.
A quick internet search for “Laurel lamps” (go ahead…look ’em up!) and I was setting my alarm to get up and back to the thrift store right when it opened. I showed Hubs the internet results and he was all for it.
I reminded him about the shipping but he waved my concerns away.
“Just go back and get them!”
So I did.
Phew. Yes they were still there.
And so I’m working on getting them listed and moved on to new homes. The Bitossi (maybe)..I’m still working on authenticating.
I’ll keep you posted with a follow up!
(sorry…the end of my story is so boring…It’s super late and we’re taking off for a quick 3 day vacay tomorrow morning…just wanted to share my finds before i left!)

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