It All Started With a Cheese Slicer

I was having one of those weeks. In the world of online ReSelling, it seems you have those weeks. A week where nothing much seems to go right. I can’t really remember the details, but we probably got at least one return and had one lost package. We sent the wrong items to the wrong people. (basically switched the shipping labels on two small packages). Fortunately I think most of the issues were on Etsy, where the customers are nice and friendly. 🙂 And there’s no defect rate. Ahem.

So I wasn’t really surprised when I got an email from a customer in the UK who purchased a cheese slicer. She was understandably upset, because, yes, I had sent her the wrong one. The one in the picture up above is like the one I sent her…but not the one she ordered. I forgot I had two listed and when the order came in, I grabbed the first one I saw and shipped it. 
I quickly replied and apologized and told her we’d make it right. We refunded the first order. And immediately sent out the correct item. 
After that all was well. We exchanged some more emails about this gift she was intending to give and about who was receiving it and why it had to be that particular cheese slicer. She received the correct slicer a couple weeks later, fortunately in time to gift it and was thrilled.
I wasn’t too upset about the whole thing.
Really, mistakes happen. Making them right is a cost of doing business. I could have railed and cried and whined about my whole week and made things difficult for my customer but I chose not to. It’s not worth it. Fix it and move on. Of course, I had a fabulous, understanding customer which made it easier. When your customer is less than stellar, taking the high road is not as easy. But still.
Don’t be afraid to give great customer service!
You never know what results you’ll get.
A few weeks later, I got a package in the mail. From the UK.
It was from my awesome customer:
She makes gorgeous jewelry (or jewellery if you’re in the UK, lol) and sent me a pair of earrings!!
Here’s her website for you to check out!
So that’s my story. And my online reselling lesson for the day. 
What about you? Have you had great experiences when you’ve provided fabulous customer service??

4 thoughts on “It All Started With a Cheese Slicer”

  1. Wow. That's the best customer story I've ever heard. I've had nice letters and messages but that a gift especially after you made a mistake LOL, that's awesome 🙂

  2. You inspire me to be gracious!

    I've had seasons with problems. This past holiday season was especially difficult with several returns. Sometimes I get the "oh woe is me" attitude and that makes it worse. Thanks for the encouraging tale 🙂

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