How To Clean Dorothy Thorpe Silver Band Glassware: Google and Twitter to the Rescue

 Awhile back I found this little glass and silver piece in one of my vintage hunts. I flipped it over and was pleasantly surprised to find the original Dorothy Thorpe label.

 It’s always fab to find an original label and especially on glassware. I would have guessed Dorothy on this but there are so many lookalikes and items misattributed as such. Well I ended up hanging on to it for a bit since I couldn’t find a DT vase that matched and I really felt like I needed to clean it…
Big chore = procrastination.
Well I decided this was too cool to hang around in my house so I gave it another go recently. I found similar ones this time in my Google search and discovered that it was actually a cordial decanter and it was missing a stopper.
Well, ready to salvage whatever value I could out of it, I determined to list it for sale, because there is probably someone out there who has a stopper that will fit….or broke their decanter and needs something to put their stopper in. 🙂
To help,  I decided to spiff it up and make it look its best. The glass was a bit cloudy as well. But I needed to be careful. Hubby is usually better at cleaning silver than I am (more patience) but he was nervous. He said DT was tricky and he had already ruined a couple of pieces.
So first I turned to Twitter. Got some suggestions of silver polishing cloths very lightly and using white vinegar and water with rice as an abrasive inside the vase.
I also got this link to a blog article about cleaning glass decanters: How To Clean Glass Decanters
I didn’t have a silver polishing cloth…so I turned to Google yet again.
This time I found a video that shows using toothpaste.
Well, toothpaste I did have. I used some white vinegar and warm water and rice for the inside (note: rice may not have been the best choice with this shape…they were crazy hard to get out!!) and I lightly polished with toothpaste.
 Here’s the result: 

Better! Not perfect but I was just looking to spiff. The silver has some scratching and the glass is still a bit cloudy…but this is not really a high value item and the time I was spending on it was valuable too.
Toothpaste! A surprising but non-toxic answer. And it worked. I just used Crest Complete…a paste, not a gel.
Maybe a kind with baking soda would work even better.
What are your go-to cleaning/polishing products?

PS: You may remember my blogging challenge? Well I gave up. 🙂 I had too many other things to do.

6 thoughts on “How To Clean Dorothy Thorpe Silver Band Glassware: Google and Twitter to the Rescue”

  1. Don't ever use the soda + aluminum foil + hot water silver cleaning system on Dorothy Thorpe. I did. I went from having a large silver band bowl to having a plain glass bowl. Dorothy's application method for the silver was a chemical process. It also worked in reverse!

  2. Thanks for the tips on polishing the silver bands, I too was afraid I would ruin my D.T. glassware. My tip for getting the cloudy out of glass with a long neck…..I use plain table salt and crushed ice. Enough to fill the container by 1/4 to 1/3, then just swirl and shake the salt/ice mixture, then rinse. You may have to repeat, but it usually works for me.

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