Giveaway: Who Supports Your Hustle?

Reselling can, at times, be a lonely business. If you work at it full time at home, sometimes your only interactions are at garage sales or thrift stores…and maybe your friendly neighborhood postal worker. You don’t have co-workers per se and your watercooler conversations happen online via social media.

But most of us have at least one someone who is in their corner. Someone who gets the dream and supports the hustle. This post is a tribute to all those someones. (This post may have affiliate links. See our disclosure page for more details)

In my case, my family (immediate and extended) has always been pretty supportive. They may not have completely ‘got it’ right away but now they do enjoy the flipping stories.

But my main tribute goes to my hubby, Mr. Recycleista. He has been a reseller himself and actually is getting back into the game a bit. He just re-opened one of our Etsy shops selling vintage hardware and salvage type pieces. Feel free to go check out Tahoma Salvage on Etsy.

But more than that, he does so much to support my hustle. (Okay, my hustle is sometimes more like a shuffle.) He is my packing and shipping department. This is huge! He has a natural knack for it so he took on that task early on. He’s quick and efficient and our feedback mentions packaging like 75% off the time!

He also supports my love of thrifting. On weekends and evenings if I need a thriftbreak, he keeps our 2 rugrats busy and lets me have that “mama time”, lol. Important for a stay at home, work at home, homeschooling mama. But he also thrifts with me! Our vacations and weekends away always have thrift stops scheduled in.

He is also indispensable with inventory management. We have a small-ish space and are often shuffling inventory around. Look what he just built me for my flatware:

So what about you? Who supports your hustle? Is it a spouse, a parent or a child? Maybe Grandpa was a wheeler dealer and hustler from way back and gets you.

Maybe….it’s not anyone in your immediate circle. Your family might still be doubtful or even outright opposed. But there are people that you CAN turn to…either in your circle of friends or online. A big role of the Reselling Communities on social media is support. Other people who get it. People who cheer you on, who are thrilled with your flips and can commiserate with the flops. Maybe your hustle support comes from someone online.

Now for the giveaway info.

In order to win this Rae Dunn “Hustle” mug….this is what you need to do:

  1. Leave a comment below telling me who supports your hustle. If you’d like to explain a little, feel free.
  2. For a bonus entry….sign up for my newsletter. Let me know in your comment that you are already a subscriber or that you just subscribed.
  3. Make sure your email you use while leaving a comment is one you check regularly as that’s how the winner will be contacted.

So each person can have 2 possible entries. One for commenting and one for subscribing. The contest will run until Sunday, February 17th at midnight PST. The winner will be announced Monday, February 18th.

38 thoughts on “Giveaway: Who Supports Your Hustle?”

  1. I’m lucky, my boyfriend as well as my family and friends have all been super supportive of my hustle! The online selling community is awesome too… Thanks for the chance to win the fun mug! 🙂 (Already a newsletter subscriber, just clicked over here from there, actually lol)

  2. My mom owned an antique mall and has always been a huge supporter. My husband though is my true hustle buddy. He’s my shipping department and overall partner. I love this mug so much!!

  3. Definitely my husband but I don’t think he quite understands it all. This summer he was helping me with a massive pile of dolls that came apart. He was googling and also separating and counting. Ended up being Betty Spaghetti dolls which I had never heard of.

    He said in a silly voice, “and everyone thinks all I do is play all day and look at all this work it takes” 😉

    Close 2nd is my teenager who runs things to the mail for me often.

  4. I am very thankful, my husband works with me full time. Our daughter is always asking how it is going. She even finds things for us to list. When my Dad was alive he was very supportive also always asking how it is going and giving us things to list. Just subscribed. We enjoyed your teaching with Jason on his show recently.

    1. It’s fun to have a spouse as a selling partner. When Hubby sells also…we sometimes get in trouble cuz then there’s two of us thrifting!! And thanks!

  5. I have a good friend who also sells on ebay. We sometimes go thrifting and flea marketing together. Fortunately we have completely different interests so we are never competing against each other!

  6. My hubby supports my thrifting excitement. He often tells his buddies of my successes! Also my oldest daughter has caught the buy from me and we love to hit the bins together!
    Subscribed 💜

    1. I love the idea of kids catching on…even if it’s just to recognize that thrifting is smart! And environmentally friendly!

  7. I’m very fortunate as my husband is very supportive of my hustle as well as extended family. We go on some thrifting dates:) my favorite kind.

    1. Ha! I’m almost afraid when friends ask what we did for anniversary weekends…..’ummmm…we went to a LOT of Goodwills…?? lol

  8. I talk to My 85yr old Mother every morning – and though she has never touched a computer, and doesn’t quite ‘get’ what e-commerce is all about, she still asks daily what we’ve found and if anything good has sold!!!
    Love your blog!

    1. Thanks! That’s awesome! Some parents just love supporting their “kids” no matter how grown up they are!

  9. I didn’t know you homeschool! I do too! It certainly makes for a unique set if challenges. My husband has always been supportive of every side hustle I’ve tried. (I also did craft shows for a while.) My oldest daughter is also supportive and has her own vintage clothing Etsy shop now. I can remember her (when she was about 8) bringing me something at a thrift store, saying she thought it was mid century modern…and she was right!

    1. Yes! We started back in September. It’s a learning curve! That’s awesome when kids pay so close attention when we think they’re

  10. My husband is a good helper for me. In the summer we go for breakfast on Friday mornings in the bigger town not too far from us and then hit the yard sales! It’s our date morning and sourcing day too! A few years ago he had to have heart surgery and was going to be off work for a few weeks. We were wondering how we were going to make it money wise but then I got an Etsy order for over 200 blue jars from a party planner! It was over a thousand dollar order which really helped! Anyway, he was recuperating but he washed most of those dirty old blue jars even after having heart surgery, so yeah, he’s my best supporter! 🙂 I think I’m already subscribed to your newsletter. Thanks! ~~Pam

  11. My family has been very supportive of my hustle, especially my husband who helps me a lot. He was even doing some selling with in the antique mall I’m in. Since he went back to work full time, he can’t do it as much, but still makes time to help me with paperwork and doing heavy lifting when required😀.

    Already a subscriber and enjoy your blog very much!!

  12. My husband is my support…he actually loved to thrift shop way before me, but I’m the one that started selling online. He listens to my stories and loves to shop with me and has a great eye. My son and his wife actually just started thrift shopping and selling as well. I already subscribe to your newsletter and love it! Thanks for the tips and motivation!

    1. A thrifting partner is always a great asset! And they can’t mind how much stuff you bring home! lol. And good for you for passing the biz on to your kids.

  13. My husband takes my packages to our Post Office while I play tennis 😁 He takes me thrifting, says everything here is junk, and laughs when I find a treasure in the “junk”.
    Already a subscriber and learned a lot from Oneida post. Thanks.

    1. Actually…that’s sometimes the MOST helpful- I should have mentioned that as well..getting help around the house is major!

  14. My husband has put up shelves in the back shed for my inventory, he also will run to the Post Office to drop off a package. he is always fascinated by what people will buy and will shake his head when items sell for more that what he may have thought they were worth.

  15. My mom supports my hustle. She is constantly on the lookout for things I might be interested in flipping and loves telling me about her finds. I am already subscribed to your newsletter and really enjoy them!

    1. Hi there! This contest ended on Sunday but thanks for being a subscriber! Keep an eye out…I may do something similar again! Thanks!

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