Friday Finds ~ To the (Vintage) Hunter Goes the Spoils

Happy vintage thrifted finds! We love hunting down vintage items at thrift stores and sharing our finds with you! To the Vintage Hunter Goes the Spoils!

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Well, I had a hoot last Saturday afternoon at the thrift shops. The week had been kind of long. Hubby had worked somewhat long hours, I was having technical difficulties with this blog and things just hadn’t gone smoothly overall.
So it was nice on Saturday afternoon when Hubby said…”Go! Go shopping…stay however long you want.” There are a couple thrift stores I usually hit weekly, but they are about 30 minutes away and I normally go in the evenings when time is limited. So the prospect of unrushed thrifting was exciting!
However, I’m a mom and a girl and so of course there’s always a measure of guilt involved. For some strange reason. If I’m away too long from my boys I get this nagging feeling that something is not right and that I’m falling down on my duty. I get that feeling when the boys are with my mother-in-law and even when they are with their father. Why? They are his kids too!! Can’t explain it.
But anywho, it was relaxing to stroll and really examine everything I wanted to look at. And I found some good stuff!! Which made it even more fun!
Friday Finds. Spoils of Thrift. Vintage finds from the thrift store! So let me just quickly cover a couple of the items that may or may not be vintage: The Oneida baby flatware in the back…Chateau pattern, NIB. Then you can’t really see it but I found a Denby the Harlequin pattern. One of the top selling patterns for Denby so worth checking out. (Click here to see what it looks like) Technically it could be vintage but they made it up until 2004 so there’s really no way to know. It’ll go on Ebay.
Up front, the 3 brown dishes are by Heath Ceramics. Love Heath! I’ve found Heath pieces a few times before. These are also somewhat borderline as they began making this Mojave pattern in 1990 and the pattern is discontinued. But I’ve already put them on Ebay where they will probably move fairly quickly. (UPDATE: they didn’t even last a full day. SOLD!)
The other item that I’m uncertain of its age is that grey plate to the front left. It’s by Porsgrund Norway, but to me the mark looks a bit newer. So I’ll try Ebay as well on that one.
Oh I almost forgot! This awesome set you may have seen if you follow me on Instagram or Facebook.

Creamuh and Shuguh by Fishs EddyThey are from the “Brooklynese” pattern by Fishs Eddy. I die! I can just hear it! “Yo! Pass me da shuguh!” As a transplanted New Yorker I couldn’t pass them up.

Now for the really fun stuff! My favorite vintage item probably are these two bathroom vanity items by Fitz and Floyd:

Hooty Owl Soap Dish and Tumbler by Fitz and Floyd

Hooty Owl Soap Dish and Tumbler on Etsy

The line is called “Hooty” and I have the drinking tumbler and the soap dish. There is also a toothbrush holder out there that is amazingly cute. Wish I had found the whole set.
Fitz and Floyd is known for their quirky merchandise and have quite a strong following. These pieces are marked 1978 – right at the height of the owl craze!

I also love this mini cat planter. It’s by David Stewart for Lion’s Valley.

David Stewart for Lion's Valley small Cat planter

David Stewart Mini Kitty Cat Planter

I have sold a larger one in the past and neither of them were marked. I think they originally had stickers. It’s one of those items that I learned from reading other vintage blogs, watching my favorite Etsy sellers and their wares and doing some research. It’s another way to justify all that time on Pinterest. 🙂

Eva Zeisel Hallcraft Fantasy bread and butter plate

Hallcraft Eva Zeisel “Fantasy” small plate

This is another fun find. It’s just a small plate but it’s by Hallcraft (Hall China Co.) and is designed by Eva Zeisel. The pattern is called Fantasy and is one of the more popular patterns as well. That atomic abstract design in the middle plus the freeform nature of the pieces make the whole line a show stopper! The pattern was produced from 1952-1957.
This little plate alone is not worth a bunch, but now I know to definitely keep my eye out for this pattern in the wild.

Okay moving quickly through some of the other pieces:

V Pinto Vietri coffee mugsThese Italian pottery coffee mugs have me a bit stumped but I loved the images on them. I have found similar type items but not the exact pattern yet. They are marked “Pinto V. Vietri”. I believe V. Pinto was the artist? and Vietri was the region of Italy? I’m just talking off the top of my head. I either will do more research…or let it go and list it with great keywords.

Vintage NOS pillowcasesI found a few pairs of NOS (New Old Stock) pillowcases. Vintage sheets and linens are such a thing right now. I personally am using vintage pillowcases at home because the feel of the material is so much nicer than that shiny weird stuff that new sheets are made of.

I also snagged a vintage Starbucks travel mug and someone gave up their Kliban cat mug collection.

And last but not least, I finally thrifted a Lane cedar chest.

Kind of.

dsc_0077It’s a small salesman’s sample. ((See comments below for another story about these small trunks!)) There’s no key and the resale on these is actually quite low. I got it for myself. Just because. Maybe I’ll keep stuff in it next to my bed.
At least it was easy to bring home. 🙂

So that’s kept me busy this week. How about you? Any good thrifted vintage finds lately?


16 thoughts on “Friday Finds ~ To the (Vintage) Hunter Goes the Spoils”

  1. My mom has one of those small Lane chests and she said Lane gave them out to girls in her class their graduating year. She graduated in 1967. Just thought I’d pass that on, I’ve never seen one before. Great finds!! 🙂

    1. Awesome! I thought maybe there was more to the story than salesman sample! Little advertising gifts makes sense too! Thanks for sharing! Do you know if they originally had keys?

  2. Ah, to have unlimited thrift shopping would be pure heaven for me! I have to limit myself to one or two shops on the weekend or I would be gone all day.
    I haven’t had much luck with plates and cups. When I do find a retro pattern, I keep it.
    I have a couple of those little Lane boxes, they are good for practically anything – and they are cedar too!
    That Brooklynese pattern is a hoot – first I have seen of those.

    1. What’s sad is that my stamina is not what it should be! My back started to hurt as well! lol. Must exercise so I can thrift longer! 🙂

  3. My Aunt used to work in a furniture store. They gave the lane chests out for advertising. Some of them have the names of companies in them.

  4. I graduated in 1987 and my mom bought me a full-size Lane cedar chest as a graduation gift. The little chest with a tiny key was indeed a promotion – you got it free with the purchase of the large chest. I still have both! I have quilts in the big chest and ephemera in the small one.

  5. I graduated from high school in 1966 and received a sample chest as a gift. So did all the girls in my class. I do not think there were any keys.
    Wonder if the boys got anything!

  6. Thanks for the info on Heath Ceramics – I’d never heard of it before. The F&F owls are so adorable and on trend right now. And I will definitely BOLO for the Brooklynese line! I love cream and sugar sets anywho – and those are me! I lived in Brooklyn back in the day and love the accent. We vaca’d in Lake George, NY this summer. I’m not sure if you go up that way but if you do, you have GOT to visit The Fox and the Chicken Coop in Queensbury (they have a Facebook page). And their prices are ridiculously reasonable. You will not be disappointed, I wanted to buy their whole inventory. They reuse, repurpose, relove, etc. etc. etc. awesome vintage. Judy and Dan are just so nice and creative – the kind of people you want as neighbors and friends. I wish we didn’t live so far away – I’d go there every week to see if their creativity would rub off on me. See youse latah my fellow Noo Yawkah!

      1. It took me four years but I found my first Heath pieces yesterday!!! One of our thrifts is open during lockdown. They only let 10 people in at a time and I wear a mask. I found a fabulous large round platter – 406. Looks like Mojave but I need to research. Attached to it was a matching bowl. Price: $4!!!! I don’t look for Heath because I forgot how valuable it can be. But something told me to look it up and something told me that YOU made me aware of it and I came back to your blog and it was confirmed!! So THANK YOU!! I’ve learned so much from you. The power of my recall isn’t what it used to be but I think you gave me the power of the “eye” and made my intuition stronger. Priceless!!! I think you help more people than you know. Be safe!

        1. Thank you so much for this comment! I did read it when you posted it…but then had issues with my site for about a week and just resolved them. I’m so excited you found Heath! And a bit jealous…i haven’t found any in AGES!!

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