Friday Finds ~ To the Vintage Hunter Goes the Spoil

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Let me start where I left off in the last post. So just about the same moments that I was putting my thoughts down in notes on paper for that post….my blog was receiving a message. The message was from a reader, Jebra, from (she blogs about calming stress…something I think I need to investigate!). Here is part of what she said:

“Hello! I just wanted to let you know how much I’ve enjoyed your blog over the years. You’ve inspired me to try my hand at this whole vintage adventure trip. (I’ll use your Etsy link to sign up, of course!) I’ve always loved your stories about thrifting and your finds, especially the Scandi stuff……Keep up the good work and if you ever come up with a product to sell, like a guide to flipping flatware, I would be the first one to hit “Buy!””

I just have to say…it was just what I needed to hear…on exactly that day. I had made the decision to continue…and got some instant feedback. (Hint: a guide to flatware flipping is definitely on the radar! Shh…)

Now let’s get down to what we came here for! The finds!
neapolitanI will admit the finds have been pretty slim lately. I don’t know. I still go weekly to my local thrifts but as you can imagine I’ve scaled down. The items have to fit one of my small-item niches (jewelry for Mod Cat Treasures, sewing patterns for Pish Posh Notions or flatware for both Ebay and Etsy.)
These types of items, even though I already have a backlog of them, don’t take up a lot of space and I will list them eventually.
I’m trying to stay away from bigger items that sell slowly…because I actually have enough of those, lol.
But here are a few items from the last couple months that don’t fit those niches but I couldn’t say no.

DSC_0038Fornasetti ceramic liquor label coasters.

Ugh. I still need to get these listed. Hopefully this weekend. These coasters are by Fornasetti and seem to be really popular. Piero Fornasetti was an Italian artist and if you search his designs on Etsy, he was quite prolific! These are marked “Vini E Liquori” on the back. I think there should be 8 to a full set but I’ll do well with these.
I found these in a bag on the wall at the thrift store…don’t skip those baggies!!

DSC_0016Butterfly trinket box by metal artist Jan Barboglio

This little iron box caught my eye at the thrift and I could see that the front had a name on the little circle. A quick search with my phone and I realized it was a good buy. I wasn’t sure of the age of it, since Jan Barboglio is still making metalware…so I popped it on Ebay. It gathered watchers right away, so I’m sure it will sell.

DSC_0003Starbucks Headquarters Coffee Mug

Living in the PNW, I find my fair share of Starbucks mugs and merchandise. Every thrift store has at least 3 or more mugs at any given time. All Starbucks stuff does not sell equally. Not sure how high the demand is for this one, but it’s one I haven’t thrifted before and it was kind of cool.

DSC_0054Dimensions Gold Collection Cross Stitch Kit.

Okay, so craft kits and items are kind of another area that mileage varies. Some kits do really well and some don’t. I don’t end up buying many because my thrifts around here tend to mark them pretty high. I usually check them on the Amazon App though just to be sure.
This was at a smaller, hospital thrift. I knew the Gold Collection ones usually sold for more money so I just bought it without really checking.
I realized as I went to list it that it was a really good one.
I listed it and sold it overnight for $115 to a buyer in Russia. It made it there quickly and I got great feedback! Don’t be afraid of shipping internationally!!

I feel like I’m kind of in a slump with my thrift stores lately. Curbing my shopping is not quite as much fun but a temporary necessity. It makes me realize that I’m due for an out of town thrifting trip.
Fortunately we are headed up to Bellingham next weekend to start house hunting and there should be time to hit some thrifts!
I have never failed to find good things up there….plus it’s just nice to get out of your local area and see some new stuff! I’m getting antsy!

Have you found anything fun lately?
Also…just a quick survey. I’m thinking of changing the look of my blog. What do you think? Is the grey background too boring?

5 thoughts on “Friday Finds ~ To the Vintage Hunter Goes the Spoil”

  1. Grey isn’t too boring but with spring around the corner, why not add a pop of color? (I just added a pineapple background on my blog, wel, just because it makes me smile!) link to my blog
    I have committed to start listing again on Etsy so I too will have some follow ups on sales (hopefully).
    I’m a Seattle native so I love seeing what you find in my hometown area.

    1. I’ll have to see if there’s something easy I can do to add a pop of color. WordPress is a bit trickier than blogger..i used to change things fairly easily over there…but haven’t attempted anything yet here. I’m sure Google will have my answer! lol.

  2. Please don’t go any darker with your background. Older people (of which I am one) have a hard time with dark backgrounds. I for one wouldn’t mind your going up a point or two with your font. Just my feedback (which I believe you asked for!). I enjoy your blog and thank you for the inspiration.

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