Friday Finds ~ To the Vintage Hunter Goes the Spoil

Just a quick pop in to share a couple finds. I’ve actually not bought that much since the last time I shared. Had another out of town trip and found some really good flatware…I guess I didn’t share that with you except in my newsletter. (sign up is over there on the right….or maybe on the bottom if you’re on mobile).
Other than that, I didn’t get much in my local thrifts the last couple weeks except a couple really fun, educational vintage items.
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neapolitanLet me start off by sharing the flatware score. It’s by WMF Cromargan. It was in a bag at Goodwill all nicely bundled up together for one price. Love it!

DSC_0074So far I’ve sold 5 out of the 25 pieces for $120. Here’s what the pattern looks like.
DSC_0086Two Salad Forks by WMF Cromargan in the Nortica pattern.

The next fun find was this small trinket box or dresser valet box in this fabulous red color. The color is really what caught my eye.

DSC_0014 (2)With that sticker on the front – Ming Dragon Blood – I thought I was dealing with an Asian made item. I am woefully ignorant of the value of items from China (vintage that is) and so I almost didn’t bother.
But curiosity made me at least Google those words and I was surprised that they were attached to a mid century Californian potter named Brad Keeler.

One of Brad Keeler’s grand-daughters runs a website/blog that you can access here to read more about his history. I learned from that site that the “true red” glaze shown on this piece was formulated by Mr Keeler and named Ming Dragon Blood by him.

You can also click here to see more examples of his work.

My last find was also a fairly unique item from around the same time period, or perhaps a bit earlier.

DSC_0002 (2)Can you guess what it is?

DSC_0007It’s a hand carved perfume vial holder! The perfume is called “Tropic Kiss” and the label says “Remembrance of Pikake” (a flower used to make leis).
The older style label is what caught my eye as I scanned the bag wall at Value Village.
I can’t resist taking a closer look when I see something with obvious age.

I did a quick search on my phone of “pikake perfume”….everything was new perfumes…so then I added “wood” and found some comps. Nothing exact but solds were in the $40 range so I thought I’d go for it.

Once I got home and did more research, I discovered the carver was John A Oya and that his items were quite collectible. (Yes, it does say his name on the label, but I’m afeered I’m nearing reading glasses age….yikes!)
The label also gives the location as Honolulu, H.T. which means Hawaiian Territory…putting the label at pre 1959 when Hawaii became a US State.

These hand carved perfume bottle holders were marketed as gifts for American military serviceman to send back home during WWII.

This one I found is in the shape of torch ginger and is probably made from Milo Wood. It’s in fabulous shape for it’s age and has a smidge of thick sludgy perfume left, lol. It seems to be a bit rarer of a design, so comps that I found for this exact item are a bit higher than what I originally researched in the store.
Hoping to get both of these items listed this afternoon.

I know what you’re thinking. These last two items do NOT fit my niches.
But researching vintage items is SO MUCH FUN. And at least they’re small. 🙂
So…for next time. I bought a nifty little testing kit for my jewelry selling that I haven’t tried out yet. It’s a really affordable gold testing kit I got on Amazon. I will give it a whirl and report what I find!!

2 thoughts on “Friday Finds ~ To the Vintage Hunter Goes the Spoil”

  1. Seems to me that your Hawaiian perfume bottle find is even luckier than you think. A while ago, a woman in a collector’s group I’m in shared her amazing collection of Hawaiian perfume bottles, which she’s been collecting for about 20 years. She said ” They are virtually impossible to find in the wild.” In response to someone asking “Where do you find them?” she replied “Mostly through Ebay and antique shows. Every once in a great while I will find one in a thrift store. Thrift store finds are usually missing their lids and almost all of them are missing their perfume vials. There is a book on these perfumes. The author has the largest collection known. It’s called Lei in a Bottle: Collecting Hawaiian Perfume Bottles. ( )

    1. That’s wonderful! Yes I did see how some of the designs were more rare than others. This one is in very good shape as I upped the price from my original estimate!
      It’s really unique!

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