Friday Finds ~ Summer Is Here!

Well, here I am, four teeth and $2400 lighter.
But it feels good to have it done. It’s almost behind me…the pain is still lingering a bit but much improved. The bottom left wisdom tooth was fused to the bone so it took a bit of wrenching.(Don’t think about it, don’t think about it) Really, that’s the only pain and swelling I’ve had…just that one lower side. I go back for my follow up visit on Monday. 
And it’s summer! School is out and it’s been unseasonably warm in the PNW…dry and sunny is not our normal June weather. 
So I usually end up taking a blog hiatus during the summer…but we’ll see…I may be able to squeeze a post in here and there. 🙂 
Just wanted to post a few things I found recently.

Nothing super exciting but nice solid finds.

I love these funky monkeys that I think are from the 1970s. I’ve found a few other examples, but no maker or anything. They might even just be pottery class projects.
The stuffed poodle in the background is super cute…it has a Made in Japan sticker underneath. Kinda reminds me of Dream Pets.
That vintage cake breaker utensil up front has a Bakelite handle. I like when the handle shape is a bit unusual.

Let’s see, there’s also a Waechtersbach frog mug that says “Kiss Me”. It’s a newer one, so it’ll go on Ebay. Actually I found two. They were pretty dirty from being wrapped in newspaper, it looks like. So they got a bath.

They are in the bath with the Fiesta Ware bowls that I found. I am definitely a Fiesta newbie so it was a gamble buying them.
I had just listed a newer Fiesta mug…this one actually:

And so had done a little bit of research on bottom marks of Fiesta Ware. It was the most research I’d ever done on this subject so it was interesting. As they say, a little knowledge is dangerous. I filed away the fact that if the word ‘fiesta’ is in all lowercase, that’s vintage…capital letters – FIESTA…is  newer. There’s also a list of colors that came out at different times.
So I’m at the thrift and I see this mark:

And I think…Sweet! Lowercase “f”…must be vintage!
I bought 4 bowls.
Well….it turns out they’re not quite “vintage” in the Fiesta sense. They are considered ‘post-86’ in the world of Fiesta Ware collecting and not vintage. This color is Periwinkle and was made from 1989 to 2006. While I have a ‘feeling’ mine were from closer to the 89-early 90s era…and therefore vintage from Etsy standards…I won’t be using that word on these. I’m debating on where to list them as well.
But this is how this thrifting/reselling world works. Now I’ve done more research. Now I’m more prepared next time I come across Fiesta pieces. I’d still like to research how well the ‘post-86’ pieces sell, since I’m more likely to come across those at reasonable prices.
My other finds were some Beatrix Potter books that appear new…probably missing the slipcase they came in. A Portmeirion canister with an older mark. An older Starbucks Kyoto mug. And a creamer by Franciscan called, quite quaintly, Bird ‘N Hand.
I also found some Scandinavian glassware…but I hope to share those with you when I have better pictures and more information.

Have you been enjoying your summer? Have you been out thrifting? Garage sale-ing? That’s what I’ve been missing…hope to hit some sales soon!!

4 thoughts on “Friday Finds ~ Summer Is Here!”

  1. I love to see your finds…..please don't stop sharing your treasures with us. I learn from you each time you post your new items and it helps me when I'm out there looking thru thrift stores and garage sales. I have actually found and known what some items are, when otherwise I would have had no clue. So, just remember your posts are greatly appreciated!

  2. There was a segment on the yee old and now canceled nate berkus show that talked about new collectibles and the expert said she believed even new fiestaware would be collectable in the future. I know the fiestaware struggle though, I read the same things online and after awhile just gave up. I don't really care if it's vintage or not I just like the dishes, but is good to know and at least have to the resources to find out especially for reselling.

  3. There is something to be said for buying and collecting for yourself as well! We don't always have to worry about value..but when I'm worrying about accumulating too much stuff its always good to know if something could be sold if needed!! 🙂

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