Friday Finds ~ Shopping the Stash


Okay, so as I’ve probably mentioned before, I have quite a backlog of items in my inventory. I really have no business adding to it. Besides the fact, the less money I spend on inventory, the more can be applied to our debt.

But I really can’t stop going to the thrift stores.

Maybe you’d call that an addiction. (cue the girls with red lipstick and tight black dresses…”it’s closer to the truth to say you can’t get enough, You know you’re gonna have to face it,  you’re addicted to….THRIFT“)

But I’ve gotten really good. I went to Value Village last night and only bought ONE thing to resell. It was this:


Super cool, right? The little dial shows which colors go together. The discerning gentleman could hang his ties and, in a pinch of indecisiveness, have help in deciding which tie goes with the only suit he had left that wasn’t at the cleaners. Wait, what am I saying? Mrs Cleaver made sure all of Mr Cleaver’s suits were hanging neatly in his closet, paragon that she was. (sorry…just my secret jealousy talking, lol)

So for the remaining items in today’s Finds, I had to turn to my Stash and start digging. Time to get this stuff listed.

These first two items, I know why I delayed listing them. They’re silver. I hate photographing silver. My pictures come out terrible.



Okay, maybe not terrible. But just blah. At least to me. Hubby is much better at product photography because he’s more detail oriented and patient. Maybe I’ll give him that second bowl to redo.
The bowl in the top picture is by Manning Bowman and I guess is for fruit. I bought it way back when because I love the pierced design.
My vintage tastes are so eclectic because I really love the second bowl as well, which is way more Mid Century Modern. It’s marked WMF Cromargan. (more about THAT another day)

Now this next one is a tricky one too even though it’s flatware. A few of the pieces are marked India but there are no other maker marks. So my usual way of identifying stainless flatware doesn’t help.

DSC_0008But I’ll tell you why I bought them. These hand forged style pieces of flatware always sell pretty well. They are usually from places like Pottery Barn or Pier One. I thought I’d be able to match them. Well, I guess I didn’t…so onto the ‘Deal With Later’ pile they went. Today’s the day!! Maybe I’ll find the maker today too….sometimes a fresh perspective or Google working a different way helps. Or I’ll just list with what I know and see how it goes. These will go on Ebay since they are not vintage.

How about you? Find anything interesting lately?

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