Friday Finds ~ Arabia Finland Cat Pitcher!

Arabia of Finland Blue and Turquoise Cat Pitcher by Kaj Franck

Arabia of Finland Kitty Cat Pitcher

Whew! Just made it to a Friday Finds post by the skin of my teeth! We went out to do errands this evening and as is our usual custom, a Goodwill stop is usually figured in.

I was feeling pretty bummed…I found no flatware and no coffee mugs… (this particular Goodwill is well-stocked in both usually) but I hadn’t found anything to float my boat.

Hubby was one aisle over and he held this up over the shelves to me…(he’s tall like that). I tried to play it cool while saying “yes, yes, grab it!!” while he was enumerating some of the minor flaws. Small chip on the bottom… “it won’t matter…just grab it!!”.

This cat pitcher is by Arabia of Finland and is one of their iconic pieces. It was designed by Kaj Franck and there are a few different color variations. This one I found is blue and turquoise and is a bit larger…6.5 inches tall approximately.

I have had these cat pitchers on my radar a long time and honestly, I’m not sure why they’ve never made it onto my Thrifting Bucket List. It should have been there so I can cross it off!! (I’m one of *those* list people…I will write items down after I did them, just so I can cross them off!)
Possibly I never added it because I have found and sold a couple of the other smaller versions of these pitchers…with different animals.
I loved this stylized rooster.
Fullscreen capture 6102016 92310 PMAnd this brown bull (with an udder??) sold well even though there were some condition issues. Fullscreen capture 6102016 92514 PMBut the cat is a first! It really should have been on my list.

Just a quick post for now. We came home and there was enough daylight for a few pictures of it. Gotta love those long days! I even (Gasp!) listed it already in my Etsy shop! Who is this go-getter? I don’t recognize her.

Did you get out and do any thifting? What was your fabulous find of this week?

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  1. Hi! I’m a reader of your blog and just started resale in January of this year. I found some really cool mugs at an estate sale a few weeks ago and can’t identify them! I’ve researched until blue in the face. I was wondering if I could send you pics of them on the off chance that you may have seen them before? Or maybe you could point me in the right direction? I don’t think I can insert pictures in the comments so email me if you are willing. Thanks! Stephanie

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