Flower Frogs ~ Not Just for Florists Anymore ~ Part Two

As we saw in Part One of this brief collectible exploration, the styles of flower frogs are numerous and varied.
But what if you’re not into floral arranging? What if you want to showcase the flower frog, and not hide it inside a vase? What else can you do with them?
Here are a few ideas:

1. Business card holder. (see top image)
2. Related to #1, a photo or greeting card holder. Any kind of ephemera holder, actually. I used one to display a flashcard in an Etsy listing. Use them to hold table numbers at a wedding. A sweet botanical print would look lovely on display.

 Photo from HWIT BLOGG

3. Crafts holder. I’ve seen this for pencils, paintbrushes, scissors, crochet hooks…. Go even further past crafts. Think makeup brushes for your vanity.

4. Decorative / altered art use. If you’re more creative than I am, look what you can do! I love the vignette in a cloche look! I’ve also seen just stacks of flower frogs in a cloche. Like a mini sculpture.
5. Display your collection. Stack ’em on a mantle. Display in a wall hanging soda crate. Intersperse them on your bookshelves. 
Not enough room in this blog to go through all the options so check out my Flower Frog board on Pinterest for more ideas! 
Anything else you’ve used flower frogs for? Unique display ideas? Feel free to share!

3 thoughts on “Flower Frogs ~ Not Just for Florists Anymore ~ Part Two”

  1. Flower frogs are brilliant, I have been using them all summer for my flower displays. They became less popular when that horrible floral foam was invented. (I am not sure what it is made of but I am sure it's not environmentally friendly)
    It is nice to see there are some other uses for them besides flower displays. The older ones have such nice character.
    Thanks for posting our image.

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